I Agree With the Legalizing of Marijuana in New York

Do you remember when you were a kid and an adult told you that you couldn’t do something? It made that thing all the more tempting. If the adult had said yes, this thing you wanted lost some of its luster.

The same could be said about marijuana. As of yesterday morning, it is now legal for adults 21 and over in New York State to purchase the drug in small amounts and/or grow their own plants within their private residences.

Though it will take time for the market and regulations to be set up, I agree that this bill is an important one.

I understand the reasons that some might object, but if we are to learn anything from history, it is that an outright ban only compounds the problem. Addiction is real, as are the problems that are offshoots from addiction. In the United States, alcohol was banned from 1920 to 1933. While the lawmakers at the time had their hearts in the right places, they didn’t quite think things through. During the Prohibition era, crime increased via the gangs who took advantage of the illegal booze trade and tax revenues dipped to new lows.

From my perspective, I see only good things with this new law. From an economic standpoint not only will it bring in millions, if not billions of necessary income to the state, it will create new opportunities for business and employment. It will also cut down on the funds spent in the legal system to arrest and incarcerate accused dealers and users, taking the sting off communities of color who are frequently the target of law enforcement.

Only time will tell what the consequences of the law will be. My hope is that though there may be some minor drawbacks, it will overall be the solution to a problem that was needed long ago.


Throwback Thursday: Psychic Kids (2008-2010,2019)

The question of whether or not ghosts exist have been around since the beginning of humanity.

The A&E show, Psychic Kids aired between 2008 and 2010. It was later revived two years ago, in 2019. Hosted by Chip Coffey, the program followed children who have psychic abilities and the adults who are trying to guide them as they learn to use their unique skill set.

Maybe its the writer in me with the overactive imagination, but I get the willies watching this show. Granted, it could be classified as a part of the reality genre, creating questions of whether these kids are telling the truth. As compelling as Psychic Kids is, I won’t watch it simply because I won’t sleep at night.

Do I recommend it? Yes.

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