The Secret Bridesmaid: A Novel Book Review

A wedding is more than saying “I do”. It is a thousand different decisions and months of preparation.

In the new Katy Birchall book, The Secret Bridesmaid: A Novel, Sophie Breeze has a unique job. She is what some might call a wedding planner, but not in the traditional sense. Taking on the persona of being a close friend of the bride, she is responsible for putting the wedding together. But only she and the person who has hired her knows the truth. Her newest assignment is to pretend to the previously unknown best friend of Lady Cordelia Swann. Cordelia, to put it mildly, is a not the easiest person to work worth. Nor does she go out of her way to make Sophie’s job easy.

The twist comes in two parts. The first is Cordelia’s attractive and unavailable older brother. The second is another society wedding which will be held on the same day as Cordelia’s big day. Sophie has a lot on her plate. Will she be able to juggle it all or will it come crashing down in front of her?

This novel is adorable. It is funny, romantic, and the perfect summer read. Instead of feeling like a predictable story of this ilk, it had enough twists and turns to make it stand out.

Do I recommend it? Absolutely.


How Anyone Could Not Believe That Jan 6 Happened is Beyond Me

A political election, regardless whether it is on the local, state, or national level should be a simple process. The people vote and the winner takes office.

This should have happened back in January without any sort of trouble. But as we all know, trouble was in the form of you know and riots in Washington D.C. that happened in January 6th. Last week, the January 6th commission met for the first time.

As I was listening to the hearings, I found myself getting angry. Things like this do not happen in the United States. They happen in countries where democracy is on the brink of breakage. It only takes one final crack to replace it with a dictatorship or autocracy. What the police officers spoke of their experience that day, it was as I was there in person. The experience and description of that day was so clear, it was as if I was listening to scripted drama and not first person testimony in front of Congress.

What bothers me is that instead of seeing it for what is was and acting on the facts, most Republicans are diluting the facts to save their skins. Rep Clyde from Georgia labeled that day as a “tourist visit“. I’ve been the D.C. a number of times over the years. I hit the usual touristy spots. But I did not storm the Capitol bulding because I was not happy with the direction that the country is going.

The thing we also have to remember is that Everyone in that building had a target on their back that day. I can only imagine what might have happened if the rioters had gotten their way. It is an picture I dare not even consider.

The footage is there. We all watched it. We saw the danger and the chaos. The question is, are we will to put the partisan b*llshit aside and make sure it does not happen again? Or, do we let the fear of a minority and their used car salesman, orange colored leader dictate the course of American history?

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