A $250 Tax Break for Supporting Local Newspapers is a Brilliant Idea

It’s no secret that journalism in America as we knew it to be is a shadow of its former self. With local newspapers either shutting down completely or drastically reducing their staff, the information that the public is receiving is either partisan or limited at best

Roy Frieman, a state Representative from New Jersey is looking to change that. He is proposing a $250 tax deduction for subscribers of regional newspapers, whether they be online or in print. This idea is brilliant. His rationale is as follows:

“It just boils down to journalism and democracy are tied together. You can’t have one without the other,”

What we see in the news is more than the daily headlines. It holds those in power in check, reminding them who they are beholden to. Without that check, our democracy and the balance of power is forever skewed in the wrong direction.

I applaud Mr. Frieman for this proposal. If we are lucky, this tax break will one day be open to every American, not just those who live in the Garden State.

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