Throwback Thursday: This Old House (1979-Present)

When we watch home renovation shows, it appears that the process is quick and easy with very little stress. The truth is that it is a process that is time consuming, expensive, and riddled with potential problems.

This Old House has been part of the PBS schedule since 1979. The OG of this genre of television, it was originally hosted by Bob Vila. The program follows the craftspeople as they rebuild a house that appears to be past its prime. Unlike other shows of this nature, it is informational and takes multiple episodes, if not an entire season to give the building new life.

While other reality shows that also focus on property restoration are flashy and Hollywood-ized, This Old House is down to earth. It may come off as boring, but I would wager that someone who is interested in this topic would the show fascinating.

Do I recommend it? Maybe.

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One response to “Throwback Thursday: This Old House (1979-Present)

  1. I used to watch it, but I had to stop because of Vila himself. The number of times I watched him pick something up off a workbench without permission, ask an expert what it was, half-listen to the answer, cut the expert off, and just kinda chuck the thing he’d picked up back on the bench set my teeth on edge. I’ve done too much of that kind of work not to realize that that’s not how you treat components of old homes. But the experts were great. They generally communicated good information in a way a do-it-yourselfer could understand and utilize.


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