How is Elon Musk Time Magazine’s Person of the Year?

Every year, Time Magazine names one person as “Person of the Year”. Whomever they are, they are supposed to have somehow made this world a better place.

This year’s choice is Elon Musk.

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I can think of so many people who are far more deserving than another white man who earns more money than most of us will earn in several lifetimes and never pays his fair share of taxes.

There are teachers who struggled to reach their students over virtual learning for nearly an entire school year. There were and still are parents (i.e. mothers) who juggled (or at least attempted to) work from home and take care of their children/made sure their kids kept up with their schooling. While some of us were able to work from the comfort of our couches, there were many others (i.e. public servants, medical professionals, retail/restaurant workers, etc) who did not have this luxury.

These are the people who deserve this honor, not Elon Musk.

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