AOC Speaks the Truth About the State of Our Government

One of the key aspects of being in politics (as I see it) is the ability to clearly communicate with the voting public. Supporting legislation that fits within your belief system is good and obviously part of the job. But if the public is not aware of it, it makes us wonder if we voted for the right person.

The frustration coming from many Democrats is that while those in power are doing what they were hired to do, their Achilles heel is messaging. Meanwhile, the Republicans are exceptional at sharing their message. However, the implication is that they want to tear down this country and rebuilt it as a religious autocracy in which anyone who is not a caucasian Christian heterosexual male is a second-class citizen.

Last week, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez was a guest on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert. Though I thoroughly dislike her stance on Israel, she speaks the truth about what must be done to save America from itself.

If only those at the top would listen…


Flashback Friday: Love It or Lose It (2004-2006)

When deciding to redecorate your home, it is sometimes forgotten that this choice is a risk. Though the designer will lay out their vision with the customer, the image presented may not match the final product.

Love It or Lose It (2004-2006) was an early entry in the reality television home renovation show subgenre. Hosted by Tamara Taggart, the subjects of each episode are presented by three designers. Upon making their selection, the homeowners have no say in what will be done to their property. When the work is done and the result is presented, they have two choices. They can either accept it or ask that it be undone.

What I liked about this reality show is the twist. But at the end of the day, the predictability got to me. I can only watch so many episodes before I have to either turn off the tv or change the channel.

Do I recommend it? Maybe.

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