I Was Wrong About The Serpent Queen

When a new television series hits the small screen, the question is whether or not it will succeed with audiences and critics.

The Serpent Queen premiered on Starz back in September. It tells the story of Catherine de Medici, a 16th-century French Queen. Samantha Morton plays the title role as an adult and Liv Hill plays the same role as a young woman.

I have to admit that I was wrong about the program. Morton, as the grownup Catherine, has a Miranda Priestly quality about her. After years of being a woman in a man’s world, she has learned how to survive. Instead of yelling and screaming, she uses her intelligence and the knowledge she has gained about her world to survive. If that means a little bloodshed and an execution or two, so be it.

I look forward to the rest of the season and I hope there will be a second one at some point.


Herschel Walker and Abortion: Good for Me, But Not For Thee

One of the aspects of governing that drives me up a wall is the hypocritical belief that politicians can get away with certain behavior while the rest of us cannot.

Herschel Walker is the Republican Senate nominee from Georgia. For months, he has been towing the party line of being against abortion. Last week, it was revealed that back in 2009, he paid a former girlfriend to end her pregnancy. Walker also made a similar request to this same woman two years later. She decided against the procedure.

What bothers me (beyond my fear of what he may or may not do should he win the election) is talking out of both sides of his mouth. If he had admitted to the truth and stated that his views had changed since then, that would be one thing. But he continues to say one thing and do another. Anyone who follows American politics these days knows that this is par for the course from the right.

In short, these men (and some women) are all for a partial and/or total abortion ban. That is until a female in their life becomes pregnant and for any number of reasons, it cannot be continued. Then, they are all for it.

They can’t have it both ways. It is either against the law or up to the woman/pregnant person, their doctor, their partner (if they have one), and their creator (if this person has a specific religious belief).

Just another reason to vote for the Democrats come the Midterm elections next month.

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