Throwback Thursday: Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern (2007 to 2015)

Part of the pleasure of traveling is trying new foods. While that idea may seem fine on paper, it may not pan out in real life.

Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern aired on The Travel Channel from 2007 to 2015. It followed chef Andrew Zimmern as he visited various countries around the world and tried the local cuisine. Some of the dishes he tasted brought out the sensitive stomachs of viewers.

What was interesting was the opportunity to vicariously experience the world and the various cuisines via the program. But the food is another story. Some of the meals, well, I’ll pass on.

Do I recommend it? Yes.

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Kevin McCarthy’s 10th Loss for the Speaker Race is Embarassing

Politics is complicated. Politics are messy. But to get anything done in politics, compromise and an understanding of who one is representing are paramount.

For the last three days, members of the Senate have been voting on who will be the next Speaker of the House. As of earlier today, there have been 10 rounds of voting. Kevin McCarthy has yet to receive the necessary 218 votes.

In a post earlier this week, I was more than happy to mock McCarthy’s loss. But after two days, the back and forth has become embarrassing and ridiculous. The Republican Senators who are refusing to budge on McCarthy seem to be more interested in power than governing.

If a Speaker is not chosen, the government cannot function. My fear is the concessions McCarthy will make to win and the effects of those concessions. The question is, if and when he is victorious, will he be able to use the gavel and everything that comes with it wisely? Or will he be the puppet and someone else be the puppet master?

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The only way out of this is for Hakeem Jeffries to be named Speaker. Unfortunately, that seems to be a pipe dream.

Only time will tell who takes the role. Either way, I can only hope that those in the halls of power will do right by the American people.

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