28 Summers Book Review

The concept of a “soul mate” is an interesting one, at least as I see it. This person is supposed to be the one you spend your life with. But what happens when fate takes them down a different path?

Elin Hilderbrand‘s novel, 28 Summers, was published in 2021. In 1993, Mallory Blessing inherits a beachfront cottage in Nantucket from her recently deceased aunt. Her first guests are her brother, Cooper, and his friends. The reason for the celebration is his bachelor party and upcoming nuptials. She immediately bonds with Jake McCloud, one of Cooper’s college buddies.

Though they have an opportunity to solidify their relationship, it remains in the air. The exception is one weekend a year when he comes to visit and they watch Same Time, Next Year (1978). As the years pass and things change (Jake marries and has a daughter and Mallory becomes a mother), the connection remains as solid as it ever was.

Then Jake receives a call from Mallory’s son. She is dying and wants to see Jake one more time.

I loved this book. I was immediately drawn in. Though Jake and Mallory do not have a traditional love story, their unending affection and respect for one another is something to wish for. The narrative is tragic, romantic, full of heart, and a delicious read.

Do I recommend it? Absolutely.

28 Summers is available wherever books are sold.

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