If This Isn’t Climate Change, What Is?: Snow in California and NYC Gets First Snowfall at the End of February

There is nothing so predictable as the change of the seasons. We know when it is time to switch out our wardrobes, take out the appropriate holiday decorations, etc. That is, until climate change.

Those of us who live in New York City (and the surrounding areas) know when it is time to take out our winter jackets and snow boots. It is a yearly ritual that is just a part of everyday life. Except for this year. 2023 broke a decades-long record. The first major snowfall of the year was on February 28th.

On the other side of the country, California has had several feet of the white stuff. Thousands are without power, homes have collapsed, and there is a shortage of both food and gas. Los Angeles, a city that is known for its warm weather, experienced an extremely rare blizzard.

This is no joke. Nor it is for political gain. The signs are there for a reason. Tornadoes struck both Texas and Louisiana earlier this week. While we cannot undo what has been done, there is still time to save the planet and all living creatures. But we must act fast and we must work together. The problem is that there are too many who put profit and their needs above all else.

I can only hope that they wake up before humanity destroys itself.

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