I am a Brooklyn-born writer, who like many writers, needs a regular job to pay the bills. Writing is the only thing that provides a sense of sanity in an insane world.

To borrow a quote from Charlotte Bronte “I’m just going to write because I cannot help it”.

I love working with other writers and new publications. If you are looking to guest blog on my blog, would like me to guest blog on your blog, or you are looking for freelance writers, please contact me. My email address is writergurlny@gmail.com. I look forward to talking to you.

Are you a book reviewer looking for another venue to publish your reviews? If so, I highly recommend that you check you check out Discovery. I recently joined them and I am happy that I have done so. They have recently announced that they are looking for new reviewers and will pay $25 for the first review. 

Do you like what you are reading? Writing does take work, any amount that you can donate is appreciated.

*-All opinions on the blog are strictly my own. They do not represent any specific organization or another individual.

*The image is not mine, I am simply borrowing it.


21 thoughts on “About”

  1. Hi, me too. I wrote a Jane Austen reboot of Pride and Prejudice, set in the Australian outback – Kitty Blue. It features on a unit of Open Learning Australia! But, of course, I still have to work a regular job to pay the bills. It cost me quite a bit with editing and design to self publish my book but, despite the pitfalls, it is great to be able to publish your own stories.

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  2. Hi there, Rose from butimbeautiful here. You mentioned you’d like a review copy of Lady Charlotte and the Dark Side? Here’s a link https://dl.bookfunnel.com/rmx9t4glq5 – and I’d love to do a blog interview or some such, if you have the time:) I’m also looking for really good indie books to promote, so any pointers gratefully received (maybe we can collaborate on a post?)!


  3. I notice people keep nominating you for awards – and expect you to work to receive them. I guess they don’t realize writing is its own reward. (Cash is nice too – but that also makes it work.)


  4. Hi, I wasn’t able to view your posts. I write poetry about the world I see and invite you to visit my blog. Am happy to have my posts published as guest blogs at other sites.


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