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Is You Know Who Afraid of Barack Obama?

I don’t know about anyone else, but I have vivid memories of the classmate who bullied me in junior high school. Through intimidation and coercion, this classmate used their perceived power to make me feel small and powerless. Looking back, I suspect that she may have had underlying issues that could only be released by being a bully.

For many (myself included), it is obvious that you know who is a bully. Like any bully, he has a weakness, which causes him to lash out even more. That weakness is named Barack Obama. In the past, the former President has been silent in regards to the actions of his predecessor. But in two graduation speeches last week, President Obama spoke in not so vague terms about this administration’s lack of reaction to Covid-19.

As expected, the reaction from you know who was extremely critical and not unlike a creature trapped in a corner, lashing out.

My guess is that he is afraid of Obama. Obama both as President and a human being is everything you know who is not. Not that he was perfect as President, but Obama is ten times better in the role than you know who will ever be.

I miss Obama.

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Thoughts On Mitch McConnell’s Apology

When one goes into politics, the hope is that it is for altruistic reasons. But sometimes, the altruism can secede into doing what needs to be done (even if it means cross over moral or legal boundaries) to retain one’s position.

Last week Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) apologized about his previous statement that President Barack Obama did not provide a pandemic playbook for the current administration.

“I was wrong. They did leave behind a plan, so I clearly made a mistake in that regard,”

What bothers me about this apology is that it does not feel genuine at all. It feels forced. He conceded that he made a mistake because he had to, not because he knew he was wrong. Anyone who was paying even the smallest amount of attention to Washington, D.C. over the past few years could easily see that Senator McConnell had it out for the former President from the start.

We need political leaders who remember why they went into office and who they represent. It seems to be that Senator McConnell has forgotten both. Which from my perspective, is a good reason for his constituents to vote him out in November.

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Leslie Jordan’s Instagram Account is Everything We Need Right Now

When the stay at home orders started back in March, it seemed at first to be like a lovely extended vacation with no end date. For the first few days, sleeping in late, watching daytime TV and generally doing nothing seemed wonderful. Cut to two months later and frankly, it’s getting a little old.

Leslie Jordan is just like the rest of us. The actor (known to Will & Grace fans as Beverly Leslie, Karen Walker’s (Megan Mullally) frenemy) is just like the rest of us. After two months of being cooped up at home, boredom is starting to set in. Speaking to fans via Instagram, he is saying what we are all thinking and feeling.

I look forward to his daily Instagram posts. I don’t know about anyone else, but it makes me feel less alone during this pandemic. If that is all it takes to get us through this, I will happily take it any day.

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Obamagate is Nothing But a Cover-up

In a normal world, someone who lives and breathes conspiracy theories would be derided as a lunatic (for lack of a better word) and hopefully ignored. But we don’t live in a normal world.

The latest laughable statement to come out of the White House and you know who can be described in one word: Obamagate. In a nutshell, former President Obama is accused of doing the job the American people hired him to do.

As usual, you know who is vague in the details of the accusation, but rushes to judgement. In reality, this is nothing more than a cover-up. The cover-up is that he and his administration failed to protect the United States from Covid-19. Instead of fessing up that mistakes were made, he falsely accuses his predecessor of being at the head of a made up conspiracy.

The difference between a mature person and an immature person is how they respond when they make a mistake. The mature person recognizes their error and at the very least, promises to learn from said error. The immature person blames others and tries to bluff their way out of the error.

It’s not a stretch to guess who is the mature one and who is the immature one in this so called “Obamagate”. Add it to the list of reasons to vote Democrat in November.

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If Dr. Joseph Fair Can Catch Covid-19, The Rest of Us Can

Among the many boundaries that Covid-19 ignores is the health of the person it infects. On one end of the spectrum, the person could be the picture of optimal physical health. On the other end of the spectrum, they could be dealing with dealing with multiple health issues. It means nothing to this disease.

Dr. Joseph Fair is a respected virologist and a regular NBC contributor. In the nearly two months since the virus has taken hold of the country, he is one of the doctors who has become the voice of reason and science. Now he has joined the ranks of those who are sick with Covid-19.

I understand the frustration of those who are eager to go back to the pre-Covid-19 normal. I’ve been home nearly 24/7 for two months. While I am fortunate to be able to work from home, I am more than ready to get out in the world. Especially with summer on the horizon.

However, I also know that Covid-19 has killed over 80,000 Americans and sickened over 1,000,000 Americans. Those who protest and/or ignore the stay at home orders are not only endangering their lives, they are endangering the lives of everyone they come in contact with. If staying at home, and only going out for the most basic of needs (while wearing a mask) means that I am doing my part to save lives, so be it.

Let the fools who believe they can’t get sick with the virus live in a fantasy world. I will live in the real world, knowing that I am doing all I can to protect my health and the health of those around me.

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Thoughts On Howard Stern’s Message to You Know Who’s Supporters

A position in management is not as glamorous as it appears to be. Sometimes, that person has to make a choice. Do they want to be liked or do they have to be a hard-ass and get the job done?

This morning, HuffPost published an article that I hope hits home. Radio personality Howard Stern had a message for those who support you know who: He doesn’t like you.

Wow. Blunt and perfectly to the point.

The problem is that he wants and needs to be liked. He thrives on that approval. I get it, I really do. The desire to be liked is built into our emotional DNA.

That being said, we can’t always be liked, especially when in a management position. Whether it is a parent, a teacher, a boss, or an elected official, tough decisions will have to be made every once in a while. Those tough decisions may not always be received well, but it comes with the territory.

The problem is that his need for that approval overrides his ability to do his job. Without Covid-19, this management style is problematic for any number of reasons. With Covid-19, it threatens to kill (if it has not done so already) the economy and millions of Americans.

A good manager knows when to be liked and knows when to be a hard-ass. Unfortunately you know who has not figured that out and I doubt he ever will.

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The Irony of Covid-19 Entering the White House

The boundaries created by human beings are just that. They mean nothing to droplets that are invisible to the human eye. That includes Covid-19.

According to news reports, Covid-19 has entered the White House. One of those who have tested positive is Katie Miller, press secretary for Vice President Mike Pence.

I wouldn’t wish this disease on anyone.

That being said, it feels like karma that White House staffers have tested positive for the virus. Had the administration acted when the Covid-19 was small, none of us would be in this situation. But because their actions were careless and foolish, the economy is a mess, millions are out of work and the projected numbers of Americans who will die may reach 100,000.

Good luck on getting their boss re-elected in the fall. His incompetency has forever changed this country and not in a good way.

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Donald Trump x REM – Losing My Civilians

In a time of crisis, the public looks to the political leadership for support and comfort.

I wish I could say that about our current leadership, but we all know that we can’t.

Enter Donald Trump x REM – Losing My Civilians.

Based on the classic 1991 R.E.M. song Losing My Religion, the song is perfect. This President has failed this country. We have no choice but to vote his behind out of office in November.

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Mother’s Day and Covid-19

Ask any mother and they will tell you that it is the hardest job they could have ever taken on. Add in Covid-19 and that job has taken on a new level of responsibility.

Here’s to the Moms who are doing their best under what can only be described as difficult circumstances.

Here’s to the Moms who are juggling working from home and home schooling their kids.

Here’s to the Moms who are sick with Covid and still trying to parent their children.

Here’s to the Moms who are taking care of a sick spouse, partner or loved one while still trying to be a good mother.

Here’s to the Moms who are working on the front lines and have made the tough decision to stay away from home to protect their children.

Here’s to the Moms who are working on the front lines and go through an extended process to make sure that their children remain virus free.

Here’s to the Moms whose children have become sick and/or died from Covid.

Here’s to the Moms who have become single parents due to the virus.

Here’s to the Moms who have lost their jobs and are doing what they can to give their children the best life possible.

Here’s to the future Moms whose children are still in the womb.

Here’s to the grandmothers, aunts and other mother figures who stepped up to the challenge of being the mother to children whose mother cannot be there.

Here’s to the Moms who cannot be with their families today.

Here’s to the Moms who are new mothers in the age of Covid-19.

Here’s to the Moms that are no longer with us due to Covid-19.

Here’s to the Moms who are homeless and must take care of their children under circumstances I wouldn’t wish on anyone.

Here’s to the Moms who left abusive spouses or partners and doing what they need to do to protect their children.

Here’s to the Moms who are no longer with us physically, but remain in our hearts and memories forever.

Most of all, here’s to my mother, my late grandmothers and the multiple generations of mothers in my family who are no longer with us.

Happy Mother’s Day!

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Jogging While Black: The Murder of Ahmaud Arbery

If there is one sin that America has yet to truly face to up to, it is racism.

The latest victim of this insidious hatred is Ahmaud Arbery.

Back in February, Mr. Arbery was out jogging, bothering no one. Father and son duo Gregory and Travis McMichael decided that jogging while black is a crime. Believing that Mr. Arbery was responsible for a series of recent break-ins, they shot him dead.

The unnecessary loss of this man is heartbreaking. What is even more heartbreaking is that today would have been his 26th birthday.

Thing I would ask the men accused of killing him is if they believed that he was the perpetrator of the break-ins, why didn’t they just call the police? Or is one African-American male interchangeable from another?

I’m not African-American, but I am an American and a human being. My heart breaks for those who loved Mr. Arbery and must find a way to live on without him. My hope is that justice is served and Mr. Arbery will be the last person of color who is targeted and/or killed because of their race. But hope in this case, always springs eternal. Especially when it comes to the dicey issues of race and race relations.

May the memory of Ahmaud Arbery be a blessing.

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