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Throwback Thursday-That’s My Bush! (2001)

One of the hallmarks of a true democracy is the ability to openly satirize those in power without fear of persecution. From my perspective, political satire is the best way to relieve stress, especially when the stress comes from the halls of power.

In 2001, the creators of South Park decided to add another show to their satirical television empire: That’s My Bush!.  The show was a sitcom-y view (complete with a pre-recorded laugh track) of then President George W. Bush (Timothy Bottoms), his wife Laura Bush (Carrie Quinn Dolan), his Presidency and the staff who worked in the White House.

Though the show was on the air for only one season, it was incredibly funny. Unfortunately, it was one of those shows that was not given the time to gain an audience and last beyond the initial episodes that the network agreed to.

Do I recommend it? Yes.


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The Proof Is In The Pudding

I don’t know about anyone else, but since taking office last year, Trump’s Presidency seems from my perspective to be the most scandal ridden in modern political history.

Today, in response to trying to work out a bipartisan immigration deal, he stated the following:

“Why are we having all these people from shithole countries come here?”

The proof is in the pudding. If this question does not make our collective stomachs turn, I don’t know what will. This man is a racist, sexist, two-bit, used car salesman who will destroy everything that we as Americans have fought for.

We need to get this man out of office now, otherwise the ideals and beliefs that Americans hold near and dear to their hearts will be nothing but an empty promise.


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Just Another Lying Politician

When you know who started his Presidential campaign, he promised he would be different. He would “drain the swamp”, get rid of the lobbyists and Wall Street, etc. He would be a man of the people, not a puppet of the elite and wealthy.

Do you remember when he proclaimed that he proclaimed that he was able to made a deal to save the jobs at the Carrier factory in Indiana?

Those jobs are gone. The factory is moving to Mexico and hundreds of hard working Americans who simply want to earn an honest paycheck are out of work.

Instead making promises to clean house, you know who has become just another lying politician.

Same sh*t, different day.

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We Must Not Allow CHIP To Disappear

When I was growing up, I was lucky that both of my parents had full-time jobs that provided health insurance. If I needed to go to the doctor, there was never any question that I could see one.

Many children in America today are not so lucky. The CHIP program provides health insurance for millions of children whose parents make too much money to quality for traditional government healthcare, but either cannot afford to pay out-of-pocket for health insurance or cannot get insurance through their employers.

Unfortunately, it looks as if the program is on its last legs.

What makes me angry is that there are people in Washington D.C. who are willing to throw the health and the lives away of millions of American children in the name of something that is unnecessary and a waste of tax dollars (i.e. the border wall with Mexico). These kids are our future. By letting CHIP go by the wayside, we are sacrificing these health and future of these children. One of these kids could one day cure cancer, fly to Jupiter, maybe even become President Of The United States.

But we will never know what they will be capable of accomplishing as adults if we do not make their health a priority when they are children.

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New Randy Rainbow Video-“BUTTONS! – A Randy Rainbow Song Parody”

Randy Rainbow released his new video today, BUTTONS! – A Randy Rainbow Song Parody.

I was definitely laughing (as I do with every Randy Rainbow video), but with this video I was laughing through my fears.

You know who’s most recent tweet about his button sounded more like a ten-year old playing a game top this rather than a 70-year-old man who happens to be The President of The United States. And, the fact that he is playing the game opposite Kim Jong-un, who could start a nuclear World War III is not a laughing matter.

I don’t know what kind of daddy issues or low self-esteem issues you know who has, but we need a President who acts like an adult and a leader. Not a 70-year-old with the temperament and the maturity of a ten-year old.


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Hacks: The Inside Story of the Break-ins and Breakdowns That Put Donald Trump in the White House Book Review

One of the hard truths of life is that our best teacher is very often our most recent mistake.

That being said, the Democrats had a very good teacher during the 2016 Presidential election. In her new memoir,Hacks: The Inside Story of the Break-ins and Breakdowns That Put Donald Trump in the White House, former DNC chair-woman Donna Brazile reveals both the inner turmoil and outer turmoil that led the election of Donald Trump to the Presidency.

This book is a must read, especially for those still heart-broken that you know who is sitting in the Oval Office. It is heartbreaking because it shows the cracks that were previously unknown to the voting public. But on the other hand, there is always darkness before the dawn, and if nothing else, this story proves that there is still opportunity to fight for our democracy and our future.

Do I recommend it? Absolutely.


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The Best Defense Is A Good Offense

When it comes to war, many generals and high-ranking officers make decisions by the following statement:

The best defense is a good offense.

America is at war. We are at war with the fact that since the Sandy Hook shooting five years ago tomorrow, mass shooting of innocent civilians have become everyday news. After every shooting, we say that things have to change. We have to tighten our gun control laws, we have to ensure that those with mental health issues are receiving the care they need, etc. And then, as it has become par for the course, the outrage and anger slowly begins to fade, that is, until the next massacre of innocent civilians.

Sandy Hook Promise is a non-profit that sprung out of the tragedy of the Sandy Hook massacre.  The goal of the organization is to prevent gun violence and to educate everyday citizens on how to prevent gun violence. Their new PSA, called Tomorrow’s News hits home the need for prevention of such acts and learning what the signs are before it is too late.

While we cannot go back in time, we can always move forward. We can find a way to learn from the lessons of our past, if we are willing to do what is necessary.

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Thank You Alabama!

Last night, decency and intelligence won in Alabama. Doug Jones won the Alabama Senatorial election over Roy Moore via a very slim margin.

Before the 2016 Presidential election, I think most of America was under the impression that democracy and the foundations of our country established by the founding fathers were set in stone. After the election and the swearing-in of the Cheetos colored used car salesman who won the election, the rose-colored glasses were violently knocked from our collective faces. Democracy must be earned and fought for.

Last night, democracy was earned and fought for in Alabama. Roy Moore represents not only the dark side of American culture, but the worst of the Republican Party.

Perhaps this is a turning point in modern political history. The blinders about the shake-able foundations of our country and those who we have elected to lead are off. Democracy both requires and demands participation from the average citizen. Doug Jones won the election because the residents of Alabama voted for him. We need more men and women like Doug Jones in our government, if our democracy is to continue on for future generations.

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New Randy Rainbow Video-“She Was SIXTEEN GOING ON SEVENTEEN (Roy Moore Was 32)”

In light of the Senate race in Alabama tomorrow and the fact Roy Moore, an accused child rapist could win the Senate seat, Randy Rainbow has put out a new video. Appropriately and hilariously adapted from the song “Sixteen Going On Seventeen” from The Sound Of Music, the song points how skin crawling it is that a man in his thirties would want to date underage teenage girls.

I would hope that in light of the multiple accusations that have been released, that the Alabama voters would vote with their heads. But hope often only springs eternal, especially in our current political climate.

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Thoughts On The Al Franken Resignation

Al Franken resigned from the Senate today.

I have mixed feelings about the resignation. On one hand, what he did was wrong and he should be held accountable for his actions. Unlike the Cheetos colored blowhard sitting in The White House and the child rapist running for Senate in Alabama, Mr. Franken seems to be genuinely regretful for his actions, but there is also proof that cannot be refuted.

But at the same time, leaving an open seat in the Senate, especially considering with the questionable bills that the Republicans are trying to push through, it makes me a little nervous. With one less dissenting vote, the Republicans who are voting for party over country may have an easier time getting their bills through.

Only time will tell what Mr. Franken’s future will be and if the bills sitting in the House and Senate actually get signed into law. I just hope that there are still enough rational voices in Washington D.C. to continue to counteract the blind loyalty of those on the right.

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