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Throwback Thursday-Date My Mom (2004-2006)

When it comes to dating and romantic relationships, our parents play a part in whom we may or may not end up with.

From 2004 to 2006, this was the premise of the MTV show, Date My Mom. The premise of the show is as follows: The subject of this particular episode goes out with three moms. During their “date”, the moms try to persuade the young man or woman to pick their son or daughter for a date. At the end of the episode, one mother is “chosen” and watches as their child goes of on their date.

Of all the reality dating shows that was on MTV back then, this show was the worst. Not only did it feel fake, but it felt like everyone involved signed up just to get on TV, not to genuinely find a date for themselves or their child.

Do I recommend it? Absolutely not.


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Throwback Thursday-America’s Best Dance Crew (2008-2015)

One of the surprising results of the meteoric growth of reality television is the opportunity for those in the arts to prove that they have what it takes to succeed in their chosen field.

America’s Best Dance Crew aired on MTV from 2008 to 2015. Produced by Randy Jackson, the premise of the show was for dance crews from the around the country to introduce themselves to audiences and to compete for the title of America’s Best Dance Crew. The show was hosted Mario Lopez and the contestants were judged by three well-known performers within the music and dance industries. Each episode had a theme and each crew had to come up with their own dance based on that theme. As with any reality competition show, at the end of the season, one dance crew was named the winner.

Looking back, I feel like this show was both very cliched and very niche. Though the dancers who were competing were obviously talented and working their tails off, it was a little too predictable for my taste.

Do I recommend it? Maybe.

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Throwback Thursday-Making the Video (1999-2011)

Going behind the scenes in Hollywood has fascinated audiences for generations.

Making the Video was a staple of MTV’s schedule from 1999 until 2011. At the start of the episode, the director explains the concept of the video. Then the viewer watches as the artist(s) film the video. At the end of the episode, the completed music video makes its debut.

Making the Video was part behind the scenes look and part publicity for the band or the artist who was featured in the particular episode. But it worked because it showed how much work it took to put together a three or four-minute music video. It was a fun program to watch.

I recommend it.

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Throwback Thursday: Restaurant: Impossible (2011-2016)

The statistics when it comes to the success of small businesses is startling. In the US, most small businesses fail within ten years of opening their doors.

Robert Irvine was trying to change those odds, one restaurant at a time.

Restaurant: Impossible aired on the Food Network from 2011-2016. The premise of the show was to Irvine had two days to help a failing restaurant not only survive, but thrive. The drama comes from the either the owners or the staff, who for any number of reasons, are resisting the changes that Irvine is suggesting.

Restaurant: Impossible is one of those shows that I enjoyed. Robert Irvine reminds me of the tough teacher in school. They were not tough on you because they could be, they were tough on you because they wanted you to succeed.  Irvine was tough on the restaurant owners and staff not because he can be, but because he wants them to succeed.

I recommend it.


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Throwback Thursday-Meet The Press (1947-Present)

Politics has always been a polarizing subject. But there is way to come together, if we are willing to listen to the other side.

Meet The Press (1947-Present) is the longest running show on television. Currently hosted by Chuck Todd, Meet The Press airs every Sunday morning on NBC. The purpose of the program to discuss politics and current events while allowing politicians and commentators on both sides of the political aisle to voice their opinion about the news of the day.

If you’re a political and news junkie like I am, Meet The Press is your ideal program. It takes all of the news from the past week and shrinks it down into a format that is digestible. It allows different political views to be heard and discussed in a mature and calm manner, which does not happen very often these days.

I recommend it.

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Throwback Thursday-Beat Bobby Flay (2013-Present)

There is nothing like a challenge, especially when one goes up against a master in your field.

Beat Bobby Flay premiered on the Food Network in 2013. The purpose of each episode is for one of the contestants to beat celebrity chef Bobby Flay in a cooking contest. The structure of the game is as follows: Two professional chefs create a meal based around a single ingredient of Bobby’s choice. The winner is chosen by two of Bobby’s celebrity friends who would like nothing more than to see him lose. The winner of the first round then takes on Bobby using a dish of their choice. This dish is judged by three additional professional chefs/restaurateurs. Can Bobby Flay be beaten or will he win to fight another day?

Beat Bobby Flay is interesting because there is nothing like going up against a master to teach you. It’s also a little bit of a nail biter to make a guess as if Bobby Flay will live up to the title of his program.

I recommend it.

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Throwback Thursday-Finding Your Roots (2012-Present)

Discovering previously unknown parts of one’s family tree is akin to being a detective.

Finding Your Roots premiered on PBS in 2012. Hosted by Henry Louis Gates Jr., each episodes focuses on two or three well-known personalities as they learn about their family trees. The cumulative research of genealogists, historians and genetics experts is then compiled into a book of life. As the subject of each episode follows along, Mr. Gates either reveals their family history or answers questions to long-held family secrets.

Genealogy is a fascinating subject, at least from my perspective. It’s more than knowing where your ancestors came from. It’s about connecting the past to the present and revealing that the human experience is a universal one.

I recommend it.

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Throwback Thursday-This is Life with Lisa Ling (2014-Present)

There is an old saying: we can never understand another person until we walk a mile in their shoes:

Lisa Ling‘s CNN documentary program, This is Life with Lisa Ling (2014-Present) is the next best thing to walking a mile in another person’s shoes. Every episode tells the story of Americans who see the world from a similar perspective. No issue is off limits. This past season, Ling took the viewers on a journey to meet the children of killers, visited a town full of psychics and explored how the damaging the legal system can be toward fathers in the process of divorce.

I find this program to be fascinating. It is fascinating because we are all human beings, but we frequently don’t see that common humanity. This is Life with Lisa Ling allows the viewers to see the subjects of each episode as fellow human beings, opening the door to conversation, common ground and mutual respect, in spite of our differences.

I recommend it.

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Throwback Thursday-Flea Market Flip (2012-Present)

Finding something at a flea market is akin to finding a needle in the haystack.

The HGTV show, Flea Market Flip premiered in 2012. Hosted by Lara Spencer, the premise of the show is as follows: two teams are challenged to visit a flea market and find items that they can turn into something else. After they have found their raw materials, they go to a workshop where they rebuilt what they have bought into new household objects. After all three items are assembled, the teams are in a race to sell those items at another flea market at the highest price. The winning team earns $5000.

Flea Market Flip is obviously reality show. But from my perspective, the challenge of finding the items, rebuilding them and then reselling the items makes the show worth watching.

Do I recommend it? Yes.

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Suggestions Wanted For Throwback Thursday & Flashback Friday Posts

Many of my regular readers know that I’ve been writing Throwback Thursday and Flashback Friday posts for quite a few years now.

That being said, I am in need of suggestions for upcoming Throwback Thursday and Flashback Friday posts. I am open to both television shows (both fiction and reality shows) and movies. The criteria is as follows:

  1. The movie must have premiered in theaters at least five years ago.
  2. In regards to any suggestions for television shows, the pilot must have aired at least five years ago. I am fine with shows that are both still on the air and/or no longer on the air.
  3. I avoid horror movies like the plague, so please do not recommend any horror movies.

I look forward to your suggestions. Thank you for reading and have a good weekend.

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