It Takes a Person With a Cold Heart to Deny an Abortion to a 10-Year-Old Rape Victim

For most of human history, women have been seen only for their ability to carry, give birth, and care for the next generation. Her wants, her needs, and her ambitions for anything other than motherhood have been denied, laughed at, or denigrated.

Last summer, a 10-year-old rape victim from Ohio was forced to travel to Indiana to end her pregnancy.

Earlier this week, a hearing was held in the Ohio state capitol. The Republican leadership (no surprise there) did everything they could to block an abortion rights ballot measure, knowing full well that most voters are for the measure.

Laura Strietmann, leader of the Cincinnati Right to Life group, stated the following during the hearing:

“While a pregnancy might have been difficult on a 10-year-old body, a woman’s body is designed to carry life. That is a biological fact,”

Is a female’s body designed to carry life? Absolutely. The question (which is really no one else’s business) is whether she wants to or is able to.

I think this woman has no heart. The victim, in this case, is not an adult with at least some ability to properly parent the fetus once it is born. This is a young girl, who is in no way shape, or form able to give birth safely and be the mother this child needs.

I don’t have any kids of my own, but I remember when it was like to be 10. The last thing I was thinking of being anyone’s mother. This girl has the right to enjoy childhood. When and if the time comes, she will decide what is best for her and her future. It is her business and her business alone.

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Feminist Political News: Kathy Hochul Wins NYS Democratic Primary & Hillary Clinton Was Right

For most of human history, women have been ignored or thought to be crazy. If only we had listened to, the world might have been a different place.

Last week, New York State Governor Kathy Hochul won the Democratic Primary. She will be running against Republican challenger Lee Zeldin.

Barring any major problems or scandals, I will be voting for her in the general election in the fall. Her goal (unlike other politicians who shall remain nameless in this post) is to help and protect the citizens of this state. Her signature on recent gun control and reproductive rights legislation tells me everything I need to know about her values. She also, unlike her predecessor, has the temperament to work with the voters and legislators at every level of government.

Back in 2016, when Hillary Clinton lost to you know who in the Presidential election, I (along with millions of other Americans) was devastated. Instead of moving this country forward, we were torpedoed back into an era that many believed were in the past.

It has become clear that she was right. We were warned but refused to listen. Now we are on the verge of losing everything we hold dear because many of us believed the lies of you know who and his minions. If only we had listened…..

P.S.: Who else thinks that Cassidy Hutchinson is a hero? She will go down in history as a woman who stood up for democracy and the rule of law.

P.P.S: A ten-year-old girl was raped in Ohio. The result of the rape was a pregnancy. Because she was a hair past the deadline in which she could get an abortion in her state, she had to travel out of state to end the pregnancy. This is exactly why Roe v. Wade needs to be codified as a nationally enforced law. No one with a uterus should be forced to carry their rapist’s child. Especially a child.

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