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The Jew Store Book Review

Stella Stuberman has a very interesting story to tell.

In the 1920’s, her immigrant parents left the world they knew in New York City to run a dry goods store in a small town Tennessee.

Her family’s life during that period is fictionalized in her 2001 novel, The Jew Store.

Aaron Bronson did not start life out on a high note. Disease killed most of his family when he was still an infant.  The constant presence of the cossacks in his young life convinced him to leave Russia for America.  Marrying a fellow Russian Jewish immigrant, Aaron moved to Nashville. He ultimately settles his family in Concordia, Tennessee, opening Bronson’s Low-Priced Store. The Bronsons are the only Jews in town and face a variety of reactions from the locals.

Ms. Stuberman is an excellent story teller. Using humor, warmth and a sense of historical reality that bring pre World War II rural America to life, she tells her family’s story in a way that is extremely enjoyable.

I recommend this book.


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