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NYC Lawyer Gets What Is Coming To Him

Last week, New York City lawyer Aaron Schlossberg walked into a midtown restaurant to buy lunch. Enraged that the employees were speaking Spanish to one another, Mr. Schlossberg took a temper tantrum.

The result of his temper tantrum was not only loads of attention from the press, but also a party complete with a mariachi band outside of his apartment building.

What he and others who think like him forget is that America is made up of many people whose first language was or is not English. If I were a betting woman, I would wager that relations spoke only Yiddish or Hebrew when they arrived in America.

Since his temper tantrum hit the news, he has not only lost the lease to his office, but public officials have filed a grievance with the city department that has a hand in those in the legal profession.

There is no room for racism or prejudice in 2018. If we learn anything from Mr. Schlossberg, it is that those who openly spout racist or prejudiced views will get what is coming to them, in one way or another.

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