Flashback Friday-Tanked (2011-Present)

For many, when choosing a pet, the easiest option is fish. Unlike other pets, these animals require less work than a dog or a cat. When the decision has been made to acquire fish as a pet, the first option is the local pet store.

Tanked (2011-present) takes the idea of the store-bought fish tank and explodes the idea of what it can be. Brett Raymer & Wayde King are the owners of Acrylic Tanks Manufacturing or ATM. Every episode, their staff creates unique fish tanks for their wealthy and famous clientele. Along the way, there are hiccups, but somehow, by the time credits roll, the fish tank is completed and the owners are blown away by the new edition to their home or office.

Tanked is one of those reality shows that does not feel like a brain drain. There is almost a will they or won’t they feelings about the show, especially considering the extravagant tanks and how time-consuming it is to create them.

I recommend it.

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