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Unfortunately, Racial Profiling Is Alive And Well in America

Imagine the following: you are a person of color in America. Being that it is summer (and by extension, warm outside), you don’t want to sit at home all day. You want to barbecue in a public park, your kid wants to sell cold drinks on the front stoop or you want to go to the town pool.

First there was BBQ Becky.  Then there was Permit Patty. Now there is ID Adam.

On July 4th, Jasmine Edwards decided to visit the town pool with her child to get a break from the oppressive heat. Another resident of the area, Adam Bloom called the police on her when he felt that she was not forth coming enough on proving that she had the right to be at the pool.

From my perspective, this is the very definition of racial profiling. Ms. Edwards was doing nothing wrong. But Mr. Bloom felt that he had the right to question her, simply based on her skin color.

The hopeful perspective on America was that we were past judging another based on their skin color, especially considering that President Obama was in office for eight years. But it is obvious that racism and racial profiling is still unfortunately alive and well and in America.



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