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Throwback Thursday: Psychic Kids (2008-2010,2019)

The question of whether or not ghosts exist have been around since the beginning of humanity.

The A&E show, Psychic Kids aired between 2008 and 2010. It was later revived two years ago, in 2019. Hosted by Chip Coffey, the program followed children who have psychic abilities and the adults who are trying to guide them as they learn to use their unique skill set.

Maybe its the writer in me with the overactive imagination, but I get the willies watching this show. Granted, it could be classified as a part of the reality genre, creating questions of whether these kids are telling the truth. As compelling as Psychic Kids is, I won’t watch it simply because I won’t sleep at night.

Do I recommend it? Yes.

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Flashback Friday-Flipping Vegas (2011-2014)

Even in the best of times, the selling and buying of homes has the potential to be a crap shoot. Especially when the purpose of buying a home is to fix it up and hopefully sell it for profit.

Flipping Vegas aired on A&E from 2011-2014. The show followed the careers of real estate investors Scott and Amie Yancey. They earn their bread by buying dilapidated homes, flipping them, and then selling them to new homeowners. As anyone who watches this sub-genre knows, the process is not as simple as television makes it out to be.

What is most interesting for me is not the process of the home renovation, but the conflicts between Amie and Scott. In most shows like this where the main attraction is a married couple, most couples have a cohesive vision for the final product. Amie and Scott don’t always agree, which I think makes the show unique.

Do I recommend it? I am leaning toward yes.

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Throwback Thursday-Airline (2004-2005)

When we fly, we hope that the flight will be smooth and without complications. But hope often springs eternal, especially when it comes to the potentially long list of factors that can delay a flight.

Airline aired on A&E from 2004-2005. It told the story of Southwest Airlines passengers and staff at four different airports across the country. As is expected, there is drama, problems, frustrated passengers and employees just trying to do their jobs.

Among reality shows, Airline was unique. Instead of focusing on the personal life of celebrities or watching singles date and fight for their potential spouse, this program told the real story of real people. It was also raw and closer to the reality without the slickness and over-production that is the hallmark of this genre.

I recommend it.

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Flashback Friday-What Would You Do? (2008-2015)

Albert Einstein once said the following:

The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil, but because of the people who don’t do anything about it.

This is the premise of What Would You Do? (2008-2015). Originally airing on ABC before moving to A&E, the program was hosted by John Quiñones. The program is based on the question on what one would do if they saw someone else in a conflict or doing something illegal. Would they speak up or just go about their business?

In the establishment of each particular scenario, hidden cameras are setup. Actors are brought in to play out the scenario; he reactions of the bystanders are recorded by the cameras. When all is said and done, Quiñones appears and interviews the bystanders. The footage is then viewed and discussed by experts in the field of psychology or education.

Unlike other reality shows, this program makes the audience think. It’s a reminder that television has the power to change lives and how we set each other.

I recommend it.


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