Throwback Thursday-Alexander (2004)

Alexander The Great is one of the most revered politicians/military leaders in the history of the human species. Even today, thousands of years after his lifetime,  many in leadership positions look to him for inspiration and strength.

In 2004, the film Alexander told the story of his brief, but history making life. Starring Colin Farrell in the title role and Angelina Jolie as Olympias, his snake loving mother, the film attempts to blend fact and fiction, while replicating the imagery and narrative of the biblical/historical epics of old Hollywood.

I have a problem with this movie. It’s long (about three hours), boring and while tries to entertain the audience/tell the story of the title character, it fails miserably on all accounts.

Do I recommend it? Absolutely not.

Queen Of The Amazons Book Review

Judith Tarr is known for her historical fantasy novels. Her 2004 novel, Queen Of The Amazons intertwines historical facts of Alexander The Great with the myth of the Amazons.

When Hippolyta, Queens Of The Amazons gives birth to her first daughter, there is hope among the clans. This is to be their future queen, the woman who will one day lead them into the future.  But the child, according to many in the clan is born without a soul and therefore unworthy of her birthright.  Selene, the niece of the late seer, who has her own gift of the sight, takes charge of the child, who has been named Etta.

Years later, when Etta has become a young woman, news of Alexander, King of Macedonia has made it’s way to the Amazons. Determined to be in the presence of this new king, Etta travels to his land with her mother and protector right behind her. It becomes clear that Etta and Alexander’s fates are somehow entwined, when Hippolyta’s vengeful niece, Phaedra returns to once again make a claim on  the throne that she believes is hers.

The reviews on Amazon are mixed and to be fair, I have not read any of Ms. Tarr’s other books, so I can only vouch for this book. I do enjoy this book. It may not be 100% historically accurate, but that’s  okay. Sometimes you need a good book to take you away from the world you live in and temporarily transport you to another place and time.

I recommend this book.



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