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Flashback Friday- British Television Edition-Luther (2010-2015)

There are two kinds of police procedural dramas. There are the Law and Orders of the television world and then there is Luther (2010).

DCI John Luther (the delicious Idris Elba) is a detective who is brilliant at his job. His ability to do his job is astounding. But underneath the professional detective is a man whose emotions and actions can sometimes turn very dark and dangerous. When Alice Morgan’s (Ruth Wilson) parents are found dead, Alice appears to be the innocent victim, grieving for the loss of her parents. But Alice is not what she seems and enjoys playing cat and mouse with Luther.

This television program, imported from Britain via BBC America is unique among the television police procedural dramas.  The characters are thoroughly human and sometimes quite twisted.

I recommend it.

P.S. I have nothing against Law and Order. I have been a fan of Law and Order: SVU since it’s initial season. It is often the highlight of my Wednesday night.

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