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RIP Rebecca Luker

A wise man once said the following:

’Tis impossible to be sure of any thing but Death and Taxes.

To make it on Broadway (or in show business in general) requires grit, talent, and perhaps, just a little luck. But not every newbie who gets that first big break will have a career. The late Rebecca Luker was one of the lucky ones.

She passed away yesterday after a year long battle with ALS.

I saw her in a number of productions over the years. She was one of those performers whose abilities were so effortless, it made you believe that she was the character.

Earlier this year, Luker and her husband, fellow actor Danny Burstein, spoke to Fresh Air host Terry Gross. They spoke of their careers, Luker’s bout with ALS and Covid-19, which both Luker and Burstein caught.

My heart goes out to her now widower, their children, and everyone who loved her.

May her memory be a blessing. Z”l.

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Thoughts On The Passing Of Stephen Hawking

We all face obstacles in our lives. The question is, do we find a way around the obstacle or do we let that stop us?

Stephen Hawking passed away last week. He was known for two things: his knowledge of physics and Lou Gehrig’s Disease (also known as ALS).

He was a stricken by the disease in his 20’s, just as his academic career was heating up.

It would have been understandable at the time if he had given up when presented with the diagnosis. His doctors only gave him a few years to live. But remarkably, he found a way not only to live, but to live to his full potential.

If I take one thing away from his life and experience, I take away the courage to move forward, even when it feels impossible to move forward.

Stephen Hawking was 78. May his memory be a blessing.

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