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Among The Janeites Book Review

Among the many different fanbases that exist, the Janeites (or the uninitiated, those who love the books of Jane Austen) are a unique group. Part academic, part pop culture, this subculture adores this 18th century English author who has only six completed novels to her name, but has become an integral part of our world.

Deborah Yaffe’s 2013 book, Among The Janeites: A Journey Through Jane Austen Fandom, profiles the lives and obsessions of several different Janeites living in the United States and Canada. The interviewees include a woman who dresses entirely in Regency clothes from the time she leaves for the annual JASNA AGM to the time she gets home, a man who has views on the novels that could be construed as crazy by some and a therapist who suspects that one or more of the Austen characters maybe on the Autism spectrum.

As a Janeite, I thoroughly enjoyed this book. While the in jokes of being a Janeite are obvious, the stories of the author and her subjects could be used for any fanbase.

I recommend this book.


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