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Second Thoughts- A Modern Persuasion Fanfiction

*-I don’t own these characters.

Second Thoughts

He knelt down on one knee, offering her the ring. She squealed, and then accepted his proposal and the ring. Both of their families were thrilled. The chapel and banquet hall were booked, the invitations were sent out and the guests confirmed. The menu was planned, the band booked and the gowns and tuxedos for the wedding party purchased. The wedding of Frederick Wentworth and Louisa Musgrove was three weeks away and seemed to be going along without a hitch.

That was, until the groom developed cold feet. Some might say it was normal; after all, it was not often that a man married, but Frederick Wentworth was developing cold feet for another reason.

He was in love with another woman.

Her name was Anne Eliot; they had dated briefly eight years ago and fell madly in love. He had proposed to her impetuously and she had accepted. But their joy was short lived; only a week later, she returned his ring, citing their age and lack of money.

He was heartbroken and swore he would forget her. But he didn’t.

Last year their paths crossed again. He had met Charles Musgrove at the gym and had been invited back to Charles’s house for the game. What Frederick did not anticipate was that Charles Musgrove was brother in law to Anne Eliot.

He also met Charles’s sisters, the twins, Louisa and Henrietta, who had just graduated from college.

Before he knew it, he found himself proposing marriage to Louisa, who eagerly accepted.

Now he was three weeks away from his wedding to a woman whom he did not love and did not know how to tell her.

At dinner, Louisa dropped a bomb on him.

“Anne won’t be at the wedding”.

“Why?” he suddenly dropped his fork

“Something about her thesis, a once in a lifetime opportunity, I don’t remember the details”.

The next day, Frederick learned the rest of the story from Charles.

“It’s true. She got an offer to study at Oxford, on a scholarship. She has to be in London in two weeks”.

When they were in college, Anne had majored in English. Now she was going for her doctorate, her specialty was Shakespeare, her goal, a college professor.  Before they broke up, she had spoken about studying in England one day.

His heart dropped, she probably thought the worst of him.  She was soon to be half a world away. A lifetime time ago, they had both been foolish. He would not make that mistake again.

That night, he knocked on Louisa’s door, hoping he could figure how to break up with her.

“Your in love with Anne” the words came out of her mouth before Frederick could say anything.

“How did you know?” his mouth hung open.

“I may be young, but I know when someone is in love. It’s ok, I, um actually have a confession of my own to make”.

Now it was her turn to confess.

“It just happened, your friend, James Benwick, we started talking, then we starting making out. I’m sorry, Freddy”.

“Do you like him?”.

“I do”.

“Then you should go for it”.

She took off the ring and handed it back to him. Now that barrier was crossed, he had another barrier to cross.

The next day, Frederick waited. He had hastily written her a letter and as soon as her mail had been delivered, he shoved in and waited.

“I cannot wait any longer, knowing that you will soon be on the other side of the Atlantic.  My heart is yours, it was always yours. Do not tell me that you have forgotten me, for I have never forgotten you.  I admit I was angry, foolish and prideful, but you were never far from my thoughts.  Everything I have done is for you alone, have you not seen that? If I let you go to London without telling you how I feel, I will never forgive myself.  Just tell me that the love we had is not dead, for I know that you are the only one I could ever spend my life with.


  She smiled the smile he had not seen in eight years. He got out of the car, feeling his heart beating. This was his last chance and he would not blow it.

“What about Louisa?”.

“I cannot marry her, I am in love with you. Besides, she likes Benwick”.

“You do realize that I will be in London in a few weeks, I don’t know when I will be returning”.

“Yes, I do. There is an opening at the London office. I’m going to ask my boss on Monday if he would be willing to let me relocate”.

“You would do that?” Her smile that he loved returned.

“I would go the ends of the earth for you, we can’t undo the past, but I want this, I want us for as long as we are on this earth”.

“I love you, Freddy, I want to be with you, I don’t care what my father thinks, what my aunt thinks or what anyone else thinks”.

She kissed him and he suddenly remembered how sweet she tasted, what it was like to be near her.

“Do you want to come up, I could make some coffee and we could order in?”.

She held out her hand to him and he took it.

They spend day in her apartment together, talking about the past and dreaming about the future.  As the sun rose the next morning, they slept on her couch, her head against his shoulder.

He could have woken up, after all, but looking at her sleeping next to him, this was all he ever needed and wanted.


The End

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The Letter

*-I don’t own any of these characters outside of Madeline and Monique Simone, I’m just borrowing them.

 *-Based on Persuasion by Jane Austen. Persuasion is the story of Anne Elliot and Captain Fredrick Wentworth whose engagement is broken off by Anne eight years before the story starts because her family does not approve of him. When Captain Wentworth returns a wealthy man, the question is whether or not Anne and Fredrick still love each other.

 *Persuasion- Belle (Anne Elliot), Adam (Captain Wentworth), Maurice (Sir Walter Elliot), Gaston (Charles Elliot), Madeline Simone (Lady Russell) and Monique Simone (Louisa Musgrove).

 The Letter

Adam kept reliving the last eight years over in his mind, the last time he saw the love in her eyes. He had tried to move on with his life, even had considered marriage to another.

 He had met Monique Simone through the English captain assigned to head his personal guards, James Harville. She was pretty, amiable and he enjoyed her company. 

 Then Adam ran into the one woman whose imprint on his heart was so large, it could never be ignored.


 Her name said it all, she was beautiful, both inside and out.  He loved her with everything he had; she had brought light to his life, where previously, there had been only darkness.   It was her alone that saved him from a life of misery and loneliness. He loved her smile, her laugh, her warmth; he loved her patience, teaching him to read for the first time. He was ready to spend his life with her, to be the father of her children. Then the beast within him resurfaced and any hope of that life disappeared.

  “This is MY kingdom! You will not destroy what has lasted for the last two hundred years!” his voice reverberated through the castle as he slammed the door to their quarters.

 Wincing, Belle knew what her aunt and father were thinking.

 “He’s just having a bad day, that’s all”.

 From the moment Madeline had learned of her niece’s engagement and how she came to meet her fiancée, Madeline was suspicious of Adam, but she kept her opinions to herself, at least for the present time.

 “Adam?” she asked gently, entering the room.

“I am their prince; they should be listening to ME!!!”.

 “Maybe that’s not the reason, yes you are the prince, but if they are here to assist you, why not at least listen to what they are saying” Belle tried to counsel him.

 “You wouldn’t understand”.

 “Let me understand”.

 “You’re a peasant, I wouldn’t know where to begin” Adam regretted the words the moment they left his mouth, but it was too late.

 “If you want a princess, I suggest you find one, though I don’t know what princess would take you, considering your condition when we met”.

 “Belle, I didn’t mean that, I meant….” He searched for the apology to make the words disappear, but they hung like a brick wall between them.

 “I know what you meant. I am aware of the status I was born to, now if you excuse me, your highness, I will be sleeping with the other peasants tonight” with a mocking curtsy, she disappeared into the bedroom she slept in before his transformation.

 “Belle, I…, I’m sorry” he stood at her door for nearly ten minutes before walking away.

 Belle waited for his footsteps to disappear before running to her aunt’s room.

 “Oh my dear girl, I’m sure he didn’t mean what he said. Men may say stupid things, my Henri, may he rest in peace, we had our fights, but at the end of the day, we got through the fights”.

 “It’s not that, I knew, at least I thought I knew what I was getting into when I agreed to marry him..”. Belle continued to cry, not knowing that her father heard every word.

 “Perhaps you should postpone your engagement”.

 “I…We cant, everything is prepared, we cannot stop now”.

 “My dear girl, marriage is forever, if you have any doubts, it is better to consider them now”.

 “But Aunt Madeline, I love him…”.

 “I’m sure you do, but you’re so young, you have not even begun to see the world. To be engaged at nineteen to a man who has clearly exhibited that he has anger issues; it would break my heart to see you and your children living with such a man. Your sons would never learn how to truly respect their wives and your daughters; they will never learn self respect with such a father. I am aware of your feelings, child, I was young and in love once myself, I am only thinking of your future”.

 “Young man, I should like to talk to you” Maurice said sternly, knocking on the door to the quarters where Belle and Adam normally slept.

 Adam’s father had died years ago, but he remembered the voice his father had used when he was in trouble, and Adam knew he was in trouble.

 “Monsieur, I swear, I did not mean what I said, I spoke in anger…”Adam started to apologize.

 “You have hurt my daughter very deeply. Prince or no prince, the man that Belle marries, I expect that he should treat her as she deserves to be treated, not as you have treated her tonight. Whether or not this marriage goes on as planned is not in my hands, but if you continue to treat her as you did earlier, I will make my objections known before the wedding”.

 “I am sorry, monsieur”.

 “I am not the one you should be apologizing to” with those final words, Maurice walked out.

 Adam tried to approach her over the next two days, but she was shadowed by her father or her aunt, who put a continual blockade between the two of them.

 Finally, he found her alone, sitting in the garden as the sun set behind the castle.

 She knew he was there, but she pretended he wasn’t, until he sat down beside her.

 “I am very sorry; I hurt you, my love. Those words were said out of anger and not meant for you. I could not imagine loving anyone more and I cannot wait for the day when we are married” he took her hand in his, the sun glowing as it dipped into the mountains.

 “I can’t marry you” she said quietly.

 “You don’t mean that” Adam was shocked by her words as she placed the ring in his open palm.

 “I’m sorry, I love you, but I cannot marry you” he watched her walk away, still feeling the shock of her words.

 He sat there for what seemed forever, until he heard the sounds of the carriage at the front gates.

 “Belle, wait” he watched her ride away.

 “She’ll come back, master, she has to” Lumiere, always the optimist said behind him.

 “Sure” Adam agreed, returning to the castle. He wandered the halls, until he found his way to their suite. Everything about the room reminded of Belle, in his mind, the words he had so stupidly blurted still hung, the memory still fresh in his mind.

 Two hours later, he ran up to the front gate, thinking he heard the sound of hooves on the soft ground.

 But there was no one.

 “She will return, master, she has to” again, Lumiere was behind him.

 He spent the next eight years regretting his words.

 The moment he ran into her and their eyes locked, he could feel his heart stop.  She looked the same, except for a sadness in her eyes that no one else seemed to detect.

 Over the next few months, they spent time in the same social circles. Monique was part of that circle. He observed Belle, she seemed not to notice or care that an attachment was forming between himself and Monique.

 Adam decided that she had moved on, especially when Gaston reappeared and despite their past, her interest was piqued. It was time to marry and sire an heir, Monique would do.

 Then they traveled to Normandy for day trip and feeling playful, Monique followed the others up the ledge to jump down. The first time, she squealed in delight. The next time, she fell.

 “Get a physician, now” Belle suddenly barked.

 The others seemed shocked at her sudden control.

 “I said now!”.

 When the physician examined her they were relieved to know that Monique would survive.

 Adam checked on her every few days and was surprised to Belle sitting there.

 “I, uh, didn’t know you would be here”.

 “It’s the least I could do; Monique has been a good friend”.

 The next few moments proceeded with awkward silence.

 “I’m sorry if I ever hurt you”.

 “Perhaps we weren’t meant to be, I will leave you with her” he watched her leave, not sure of his next move. She had taken his heart all of those years ago, and even after had he would marry Monique, Belle would be the woman he would always think of.

 The next thing he knew, had had fallen asleep, only to be woken up by Captain Benwick.

 “I will watch her, highness; you should get your rest”.

 “Thank you, Captain, I think I will”.

 Over the next week, business called Adam away from Monique until he heard news that shocked even him.

 “Monique and Captain Benwick are engaged!”.

 He sat for a few minutes, unsure how to react. Then he felt the one thing he didn’t expect: relief.

 Pulling out a fresh piece of paper, he let out everything that had been boiling inside of him. He didn’t know the outcome of his letter, but he hoped for the best. After finishing the letter, he called for a messenger.

 “A letter for you, mademoiselle” the maid handed Belle the letter.

 She opened the letter to have a rose fall out. There was no question whom the letter was from.

 “I have tried to move on with my life, and I had thought after eight years, that I had. But I have not. You are the one woman who has ever owned my heart, I gave it to you once and I give it to you freely once again. I am aware of my past and I hope you can forgive me for the wrongs I have unnecessarily inflicted on you. If you heart is taken by another, I understand, however, if your feelings are unchanged, I look forward to life we may have together. My journey home will commence at midday, I eagerly await your response by then.



 She could feel tears stinging her cheeks, he still loved her.   

 “Inform my father I am going out, I will return” not caring that Philippe was unsaddled; she rode as fast as she could. It was nearly mid day, if she lost him this time, her heart would never heal.

 “Mademoiselle” she ran past Mrs. Potts, Lumiere and Cogsworth.

 “Where is he?” she asked, hastily jumping off Philippe and tying him to the rail.

 Before she could get a response, she ran inside.

 She ran through several rooms to find them empty. Then she heard his voice.


 “I, uh” she started to say, but there were no words. The only thing she could do is kiss him, feel the sweetness of his lips on hers.

 After they parted, she whispered, “I’m sorry”.

 “There is nothing to apologize for, it was my mistake”.

 “But I was the one who stayed away, I should have come back sooner…”.

 “Can we both admit that we made a mistake and leave it at that?”.

 “Yes” she agreed.

 “We must go to your father”.

 “My father?” Belle asked.

 “I must make amends for what I did, you understand, don’t you?”.

 “Of course” she replied.

 He saw the worry in her eyes and knew how much she cared for her father. If Maurice chose to not give his blessing, it would not bode well for their second reunion.

 An hour later, entering the townhouse Belle shared with her father, he could feel his heart beating, despite her hand firmly entrenched in his.

 “Papa, there is someone here to see you” she knocked on her father’s study door.

 The door was opened to reveal not only Maurice, but Madeline.

“My dear girl, we were so worried, when we were told that you ran out…” she stopped when his eyes laid on Madeline.

 “Madame, monsieur” he bowed as a sign of respect, but knowing that it was not Belle, but Madeline who had truly broken them up eight years ago.

 “Your highness”.

 “I have come, monsieur, about an urgent matter”.

 “You wish to marry my daughter, again” it was obvious why Adam had come to visit.

 “Yes, monsieur, I have come for your blessing”.

 “Belle, are you sure you want to marry him?” Madeline asked.

 “Yes, aunt, very much”.

 “Are you sure, after all…”.

 They were all surprised when Maurice spoke up.

 “Madeline, please”.

 “It is alright, monsieur, Madame is right in her response; however, I want to know that despite her opinion of me and her ability to persuade Belle, my life is nothing without her”.

 “Belle?” Maurice turned to his daughter.

 There was no denying the love between Belle and Adam.

 “You have my blessing”.

 “Merci, papa” Belle embraced her father.

  “I want you to know, young man, that I will hold you to your promise of treating my daughter properly”.

 “That I will do, monsieur, I promise you”.

 Madeline cleared her throat, making it obvious that she doubted Adam, but that was ignored.

 A year later, Adam entered their suite to find his wife’s eyes half closed, sitting in her favorite spot on the couch. The birth of their child was less than a month away and the bed was becoming increasing uncomfortable.

 Sitting down next to her, he removed her stocking before massaging her bare feet.

 “Just what I needed”.

 “Come here” he said.

 She switched sides as they sat next to each other. She groaned as he began to rub her shoulders.

 “Even better”.

 After a few more minutes of the massage, her head lay in his lap.

 “I love you”.

 “I love you too”.

 They were found the next morning, sleeping on the same couch in the same positions.

 “I am sorry to wake you, highness”.

 “What time is it?” Belle asked.


 She groaned, it was time to get up.

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*-The only characters are I own are Captain Edward Jones and the Wentworth children, the rest I love too much to claim as mine.


In her nearly twenty five years, Anne Wentworth had two major experiences that would forever alter the course of her life. The first was the day she chose love over her family. The second was the day she had to choose to return to Somerset after Frederick’s death or remain in Lyme.

 She watched impatiently as her father led Frederick into his study. She hoped that her father would see through his pride and give his blessing to their marriage. But his reaction was the same as the rest of the family.

 “He is not for you, Anne; I suggest you let him go, let him find a woman more suitable”.

 Instead of agreeing with her father, she surprised even herself.

 “Frederick!” she called out.

 “If you leave with him, I will cut you off; you are no longer part of this family”.

 “You would leave your father and your family?” Frederick asked.

 “I would”.

 “Anne! You come back here this instant!” Sir Walter’s words fell on deaf ears.

 That was five years ago. They since had three children, the twins, Alexander and Emily who had been born just before their parent’s first anniversary and Henry who was nearly one. While Emily was mirror image of their mother, Alexander was mirror image of their father. Anne and Frederick could not decide who Henry resembled more and came to the conclusion that he was equal parts his father and mother.

 Anne watched her husband pack. His brief month of shore leave was coming to an end.

 Frederick knew that look in Anne’s eyes, despite the fact that she was well schooled in what it meant to be a sailor’s wife, she hated to watch him go.

 The sheets and blankets had made replaced from the night before, hardly indicating of the intimacy between Anne and Frederick.

 “I promise you, I will return” he tried to sooth her fears.

 “And if you don’t?” she asked.

 “I have taken care of everything and if anything should occur, Sophy and the Admiral are more than willing step in”.

 Sir Walter made good on his word, Anne had not heard from her family in five years, except for her younger sister, Mary who would occasionally write to her.  Two years after Anne married Frederick, Mary married the son of a family friend, Charles Musgrove. Without a son to carry on the Elliot title and fortune, Sir Walter’s heir was a distant cousin, William Walter Eliot.

 Replacing her family was Frederick’s family. Sophy and the Admiral had spent many evenings at their modest home in Lyme. Even Edward and his family had traveled from Shropshire to visit them.  

 “Papa, must you go?” the look on his wife’s face was reflected in their children’s eyes.

 “You know wherever I go, I will always love you” he picked up the twins, who squealed in delight as he tickled them.

 He then looked back at his wife, who held Henry in her arms. He was just beginning to walk and even talk a little; it hurt that he would not be available during those first precious moments.

 They shared one last kiss before Frederick’s carriage disappeared.

 The rest of the month flew by without incident.

 Then there was a knock on the door. It was rainy day and with the Admiral off on business, Sophy was spending the afternoon with Anne and the children.

 “There is someone to see you, madam”.

 “You are Mrs. Wentworth, I presume?” the gentleman asked.

 “I am at a loss sir, you know me, but I have not made your acquaintance”.

 “My name is Captain Edward Jones; I have known your husband since we were in the naval academy”.

 “I do apologize Captain, Frederick spoke of you fondly, would you like to come in?”.

 “I thank you, madam, for the offer, but I came on business”.

His tone changed quickly and she attempted to keep the nagging fear from penetrating her consciousness. 

 “Three days ago, our ship was attacked by French warship. The battle was, well, the details are not suitable to be repeated in polite company”.

 The Captain bit his lip, as if looking for the right words.

 “There were few survivors, your husband fought as bravely as I have ever seen a man fight. But he was not among the survivors”.

 He removed a parcel from within his coat and placed it into her trembling hands.

 “I felt, knowing Frederick as I did, that it was proper to personally inform you rather than you hear the news in another form. I am sorry for your loss, madam” With that, he walked away.

 Frederick. Dead.

 She fell to her knees, her tears falling uncontrollably.

 “Anne?” Sophy asked.

 Anne looked at her sister in law, words were unnecessary.

 A week later, Anne, with her children, The Admiral and Mrs. Croft and Edward watched as Frederick’s body was laid to rest.

 The mourners disappeared slowly, until Anne stood alone at her husband’s newly dug grave.

 Perhaps her father and Lady Russell had been right; marrying a penniless naval officer had been a mistake. But she had made her decision; she would live her life and with the consequences, whatever they may be.

 “Anne, I think you and the children should stay with us, at least for a little while” the admiral had offered.

 Anne nodded in agreement; it would be good for all of them.

 “Mama?” her elder children asked, each taking one of her free hands.

 Looking at her husband’s final resting place, she led them away.

 The next few days, mourners came and went, Anne not paying attention to any particular visitors.

 Then it was announced that Mary and Charles had come to pay their respects.  

 “Anne, I am so sorry, poor dear, you must be a mess” she was surprised by the hug from her sister.

 “My husband is dead, there is nothing I can do to bring him back”.

 “Is there anything we can do?” Charles asked.

 “Your presence is enough”.

 “Pardon me madam, he has been fussy today, I cannot calm him down” the maid handed Henry to his mother.

 In a moment, his fussiness disappeared and he lay his curious brown eyes on this visitors.

 “Who is this?” Mary cooed.

 “This is Henry”.

 “And your other children”.

 Anne called the twins over, who properly introduced themselves.

 “Do you know who I am?” Mary asked. They promptly nodded their heads no.

 “I am your Aunt Mary; this is your Uncle Charles”.

 “Anne, may I talk to you for a moment, its matter of importance” Charles asked.

 Mary took Henry from Anne and led the twins away from them.

 “Mary and I have been keeping your father abreast of your situation and he wishes you and the children to return to Somerset”.

 “My father turned me out when I married Frederick, I don’t know if I could ever return. Besides we are happy here, I cannot uproot my children now”.

 “I do understand your feelings, Anne, but you must consider…”.

 “What I must do, Charles is take care of my children, please excuse me” hearing Henry’s wail, she started to walk away. The old Anne would have relented, agreeing to return to Somerset and Kellynch. But she couldn’t, not now.

 “Sir Walter bade me give you this. Mary and I cannot force you to return with us, but I beg you to at least read what he has written” He placed the letter in her hand.

 Later that evening, after her children had been put to bed, she sat alone, the letter from Sir Walter in her hand, until she was startled by the Admiral.

 “You were quiet tonight, my dear” he commented as he sat down beside her.

 “My sister and her husband came today”.

 “I don’t believe I made their acquaintance, but I heard the chap’s last name is Musgrove”.

 “Charles delivered a letter from my father. He wishes us to return to Somerset. There is a property called Armsbury, no more than two kilometers from Kellynch Hall. My father will provide for all of our expenses, including an annual income of 5,000 pounds a year as well as the children’s education and inheritance”.

 “Sophy and I would be sad to see you go, but if that is your decision, we will abide by it”.

 “I don’t know if returning is the best decision. My father, well, he is sometimes akin to a preening peacock”.

 They both laughed at the image, it felt good to laugh, neither had laughed in a week.

 “My elder sister, Elizabeth is very much like my father and my younger sister; she was sometimes bound to fits of folly as a child and has not altered much since then”.

 “What of your mother? What was her opinion?”.

 “My mother died when I was a child, her friend Lady Russell attempted to take my mother’s place, but it was never the same. It was Lady Russell who nearly persuaded me to turn down Frederick’s proposal”.

 Just then a cry of “Mama!” was heard.

 “I shall leave you then, good night, Anne”.

 Two days later, they returned home. After nearly a week and a half, Anne felt it was time to leave.

 Standing in the door way of their home, it was as if she was reliving that moment all over again.

 “Shall I put him to bed, madam?” the nursemaid asked, ready to take Henry from his mother.

 “No, I will put him down. Please unpack and prepare the twins for bed”.

 “As you, wish madam”.

 Later that night, the moon rose as Anne slept in the nursery. She could not return to their bed, it was too much to bear. After she put Henry to bed, she opened the parcel Captain Jones had given to her.

 It contained her letters to Frederick as well as the miniatures of herself and the children. For the first time in weeks, she started to cry.

 “Anne” it was no more than a whisper, but she heard it.

 Looking in doorway, she saw an outline of someone watching her. It was Frederick, as clear as the last day she saw him.

 “Frederick?” she asked.

 “Follow your heart, my love, I promise, all will work out” then he was gone.

 Anne woke up with a start, looking to the doorway, he was not there. It had been a dream.

 As the sun rose the next morning, Anne wrote to her father, her decision has been made.


 I thank you for the offer of Armsbury, as well as the living. But I must decline. My children are happy in Lyme, as am I. I do however, look forward to when you may visit Lyme or we may return to Kellynch, for I would dearly love to introduce you to my children.

 Yours, etc



Knowing her father as she did, he would probably never come to Lyme, nor would an invitation come from Kellynch Hall.

 “Mother?” Alexander’s voice broke her away from her thoughts.

 He stood in front of her, in his naval uniform, as tall and handsome as Frederick had been. She has to often remind herself that it was not her beloved husband, but their eldest son who stood in front of her.

 As she had predicted, her father had not replied.

 Six weeks after burying Frederick, she received a letter that contained his pension. With the money, she turned their small house into an inn; many of their first guests were other naval officers who came to pay their respects.

 Twenty years had passed by without her noticing. Alexander was following in the footsteps of his father and uncle and joined the Navy. Henry was eager to follow Edward’s footsteps and become ordained. Then there was Emily, who had joined her mother at the inn since the day it had opened. She had recently become engaged to the youngest son of a prosperous merchant, who was eager to join his future wife at the inn.

 Frederick had been right, she had followed her heart and everything had worked out. And when the time would come, she would see him again.


The End


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