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Anne Of Green Gables Book Review

Anne Shirley is not the average heroine. She is an orphan with red hair, a big mouth and an even bigger imagination. Marilla and Matthew Cuthbert are a middle aged brother and sister duo who never married.  What they ask for is a boy to help them around the farm. What they get is Anne Shirley.

Anne is the heroine of L.M. Montgomery’s immortal novel, Anne of Green Gables.  While Matthew quickly warms up to Anne, his sister is not so sure that taking in this child is a good idea. It’s not easy for Marilla, a woman who has a crusty outer shell to raise a child, especially as impulsive and imaginative as Anne. But Anne will soon become the daughter that Marilla and Matthew did not have.

I am ashamed, as a bookworm, to say that I have not read any of the Anne Of Green Gables books until now. I did see the miniseries years ago. What I liked about this book is that Anne represents many young girls. She is dramatic, she is impulsive, she dislikes what she sees in the mirror and she sometimes does not think before speaking or acting. But she has a very big heart and when she loves, she loves completely.

I loved this book. Anne Of Green Gables is one of those books that many young girls should read, if they have not read it already.

I recommend it.

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Happy Birthday Anne Frank

Today is, or would have been Anne Frank’s 85th Birthday.

She was an ordinary young woman, going through the same ups and downs that we all go through when we are young.

She was extraordinary because her journal, read by multiple generations of readers speaks to all of us. Her writing, even for one so young is eloquent, honest and universal.

Of the millions that were murdered by the Nazis and their helpers, Anne stands out. It is her story that breaks our hearts.  We connect over the conflicts with her family, we watch her experience romance for the first time and and we remember our own brushes with young love.

She was a born writer. Her writing may be the private journals of a young woman,  but the reader has a taste of what she could written, had she survived.

Happy Birthday Anne.


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