Ari Fuld Is Dead Because He Is A Jew

Hate kills. It takes away our ability to see our fellow human beings for what they are; human beings. Hate only focuses on the labels that are used to define us and uses those labels as an excuse to kill and destroy.

Ari Fuld was a husband, a father,  a brother, the grandson of a Holocaust survivor and an American Jew who made aliyah to Israel as a young man. He was killed for being an Israeli Jew.

We can talk about politics and peace talks all day every day. But until we see each other as human beings, true peace will never exist. It’s easy to call someone a name, it’s harder to get past the labels and get to know someone.

Until a few days ago, the name of Ari Fuld was only known to a select few today. Today his name has been added to the list of people who were killed in the name of terrorism.

May his memory be a blessing and may we one day learn to live with one another.


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