Beauty and the Beast Trailer

The trailer for Beauty And The Beast is out and well, the internet is buzzing.

I’ve read and heard that the narrative and the characters have been expanded from the animated film. The Beast’s back story will be given more screen time and Belle, on top of the bookworm we all know and love, is also an inventor.

I can only hope that this film is not only as good as it promises to be, but also lives up to reputation of its predecessor.

Only time will tell, but hopefully the reviews and box office receipts in March will be glowing.

Happy Tuesday.


Beauty And The Beast Trailer

I know I am not the only one kvelling over this trailer. Yes, we’ve all see the animated film and some of us might have seen the stage version.

But there is something about this movie that is I can’t help getting excited about. I can only hope the movie lives up to the hype.

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