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Decision, A Beauty And The Beast Fanfiction

*- I do not own any of these characters, I am just borrowing them.


 He watched her run out, the door slamming behind her.

She was a foolish woman, taking her father’s place. He was just an old man.

But she was young and beautiful. And very brave. Daring to stand up to him, to look directly at him, demanding her father’s release then offering to take his place.

He had tried to be civil, to act as his servants had suggested, in a “gentlemanlike” manner.

But it was not enough; he had warned her that the west wing was off limits; she chose to ignore the warning. Levitating only a few inches off the ground, the rose was a reminder of the foolish mistake of a boy and heartache of a man regretting the mistakes of his youth.

He had hoped if only for a moment, that this woman, Belle was sent to him by some twist of fate, to give him one final chance of redemption, before all hope of returning to his human form was lost forever.

But it was not to be, the main door slamming behind her slammed on his hopes. This was a dream, she was a dream. But she was meant for another man, a man who was not cursed with form of monster.

Then he heard the wolves. They were always sniffing at his gates, looking for their next meal.  And she would be it.

Foolish woman, leaving at this time of night. He could let her go, and leave her to her fate.

But he couldn’t, the rose petals were falling at an alarming rate. He made the decision to go after her, not know the outcome of his decision would alter the course of both their lives.

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Happy Ending

*-These characters are not my own. I am simply borrowing them.

*-This story is a little PG13. Just FYI.

Happy Ending
It had been two days since the transformation. Belle’s life had changed in ways she could have only dreamt of months before. A prince loved her, he wanted to marry her. He wanted to give her and her father a completely different life. Belle should have been happy. And yet something did not feel right.

Belle missed her beast. This man who stood before her had his eyes, but he was not her beast.

He had proposed yesterday and she accepted, but she still questioned her decision. When Cogsworth had announced two hours before that dinner was served, she feigned a headache and asked for a tray to be sent up.

The Beast, now referred to by his proper title, Prince Vincent sat down to dinner, expecting his fiancé to join him. Then Cogsworth announced that Vincent would be dining alone.

Vincent had not seen Belle since last night; she had closed herself in her room after his proposal.

“Tread carefully master” Mrs. Potts suggested.

“Merci, Mrs. Potts, I shall”.

Noticing the tray with the empty dishes waiting outside the door, he knocked. There was no answer.

Then he knocked again.

The response was again the same.

Quietly entering the room, he found her standing at the window. Her hair blowing around her, the night dress illuminating her body in ways he hadn’t known before. If she heard him enter, she didn’t turn around.

“I love you, please say you love me” he whispered in her ear as his lips grazed her neck.

“I love you” she murmured, leaning against him, her skin heating up as his lip continued to burn a trail down her shoulder which was now bare.

“I know you are scared, this is just as scary for me. But I promise you, we will get through everything together”.

Turning around, she took his face in her hands and kissed him.

He deepened the kiss, pulling her toward him.

“Don’t ever leave me again”.

“I promise”.

“Make love to me”.

Wordlessly he lifted her off her feet and carried her to bed. By the time they reached the bed, his shirt had disappeared and her night dress was bunching up toward her hips.

He was all man, masculine and powerful and yet, there the animal he was still lurked inside of him. It was potent combination that was irresistible.

The servants were not at all surprised the next morning, to find their master in the bed of his lady.

When they awoke and made their way downstairs, the prince seemed to be more interested in his fiancé more than anything else that day.

“Your highness” his ministers called him from his day dream.

“I apologize, monsieur, please continue” They had returned from their self imposed exile when they heard that the prince had somehow returned to them. They hoped he wasn’t the impatient, spoiled young man they remembered him to be, for now he had proved them otherwise. They might have also objected to the prince’s choice of bride, her familial origins were of low and unknown origins. But considering the prince’s history and past conduct, the decision had been made to not object. Besides, the way they looked at each other, a royal heir and spare might not too far off.

Vincent had often thought what it would have been like to kiss her, to prove how much he loved her. She trusted sharing with him a part of herself she hadn’t shared with anyone else.

As soon the ministers concluded their business, Vincent found Belle in the library, meeting with her own newly titled ladies in waiting.

“Leave us”.

“Majesty” the curtsied before making a hasty exit.

“I want to make a child with you” he growled.

“What are you waiting for?” Belle asked with a knowing smile, undoing the buttons on the back of her dress.

It was a surprise to no one that within nine months, not only were Belle and Vincent properly married, but a heir and a spare were born.

The End

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