Beguiling Miss Bennet Book Review

If the mark of a great writer is that 200 years later, modern readers are still drawn to her books, then Jane Austen is most certainly one of the greats.

While there are many imitators, it takes skill and a real talent to replicate her world, her voice, and her characters.

In Beguiling Miss Bennet, several modern writers have taken on the gargantuan task of delving into her world. Published by Chawton House library, the short stories range from internal monologue of the characters, to sequels and prequels and modern adaptations of her novels.

I initially purchased this book because one of the stories was written by a friend. What I discovered was the remarkable talent of those whose works were chosen. In their own way, each writer has given Miss Austen her due, while putting a unique spin on their stories. This book proves once more (not that the subject needed proof in the first place) that good writing is timeless and even though Jane Austen’s novels were set in a specific time and place, they still speak to us today.

I recommend it.

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