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Why Can’t We Have More Politicians Like Katie Porter?

When someone is elected by their fellow citizens to political office, their job is to serve those who voted for them. Unfortunately, some politicians have forgotten this in favor of automatic re-election or special interest groups who have tempted this politician away from those who voted that person the first place.

Representative Katie Porter (D-California) is the politician that every citizen should have in their corner.

Recently, she excoriated JP Morgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon and Secretary of Housing Ben Carson for their lack of awareness of the average person on the street.

Both of these conversations are equally frustrating. Mr. Dimon is a member of the 1%. I can’t imagine that it would put him in the poorhouse if he paid his lowest level workers a reasonable living wage. As Housing Secretary, Mr. Carson, should at the very least, be aware of the basic terms that Representative Porter is referring to. The fact that he thought she was talking about cookies says it all.

Why can’t we have more politicians like Katie Porter?

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