Republican Fuckery XV: The Inability to Define “Woke” and the Possibility of January 6, Part 2

One of the most important parts of a thriving democracy is the ability to have a civil conversation with someone who has a different set of beliefs. But in today’s world, that is not always the case.

Last week, journalist Briahna Joy Gray interviewed author Bethany Mandel. When asked how she defined “woke“, Mandel stuttered, stammered, and was unable to provide an answer that made any sense. It just goes to show that they are all bluster with nothing behind it.

One of the rumors that has been circulating over the past few days is that the former guy will be arrested and indicted tomorrow. In response, he has taken his usual tantrum and has called for January 6, part 2. Obviously, at this moment, we don’t know if he will be indicted tomorrow or anytime in the future (though he should be, given the mountain of evidence). What should bother all of us is that if we made the same threat, we would be in jail. But the fact that he is calling for violence (while still free) tells me that he is just as dangerous and powerful as he was in 2021.

The truth is that it has nothing to do with the country or any election, past or present. It had to this man’s small and fragile ego. He cannot fathom that he lost and refuses to accept reality. Instead of accepting the truth and moving on, he is taking a years-long toddler-like temper tantrum that has consequences that I dare not even consider.

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Just another day in America.

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