Why We Need Feminism

Some might say these days that feminism is a dying movement.

Women seem to have it all. We can go to any college we want to go to (or one that we can afford to go to). Careers that fifty years ago were only open to men are now open to anyone who is qualified and capable. We can have it all. The house, the kids, the marriage and the career, if we want any or all of it. The glass ceiling has cracked and the world is ours for the taking.

And then these happened:

The geniuses at Urban Outfitters are selling Hillary Clinton nutcrackers.

The thing that makes it outrageous is that I doubt that we will ever see a Bill Clinton Nutcracker. Or a Joe Biden or Barack Obama Nutcracker.   The product represents the idea that a man in a position of authority who speaks his mind is considered to be a leader. He is though to be bold, decisive, in control. A woman in that same position is considered to be pushy, bossy and a b*tch.

Good job, Urban Outfitters. I know what store I will not be buying anything from anytime soon.

The other thing was that the pictures were released. You know the pictures. The one of the pseudo celebrity with no discernible talent except for taking her clothes off and her oh so wonderfully intellectually inspiring family reality show.

She is unworthy of being named in this post and will be referred to as “she” or “she who will not be named”.

She who will not be named is a mother. She is  also an aunt and has two younger sisters. What message is she sending not just to the younger generation, not just in her family, but to young girls everywhere?

She smiles into the camera, a Mona Lisa smile, oiled up and made up like a turkey who is about to go into the oven for Thanksgiving. That is one image I really, really wish I could un-see.

Women have been taking off their clothes for money for thousands of years. Today, if they have any talent, they are either performers or models.

She is neither.

I’m going to end this post with Dana Carvey’s Church Lady. As she always does, the Church lady always hits the nail on the head in the most perfect of ways.


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