Black Friday on Thanksgiving Thursday-Really?

Black Friday has become a tradition in this country. I personally don’t see the point of waking up before the sun rises the day after Thanksgiving, just to buy a holiday gift that will still be there if g-d forbid we wait another day or two. But to each their own.

In recent years, some of the stores have decided to open on Thursday.


If this time of year is supposed to be about tradition and time with our families, which are priceless, why are we killing ourselves not just on Black Friday but on Thanksgiving to buy holiday gifts?

For the people who choose to shop on Black Friday, that’s their call. But to shop on Thanksgiving? That’s appalling. I get it, the store owners see the bottom line. But there is more to running a business than the bottom line. Unfortunately, that, from my perspective, that is what the store owners are looking at.

I wish every one of my readers a Happy Thanksgiving. May you spend tomorrow with the ones you love and if you choose to do Black Friday, I wish you luck.

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