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Reminisces Of The 2003 Blackout

There are some events that those who experienced will never forget. No matter how much time passes, they can all recount where they were when the event occurred.

Next week is the 15th anniversary of the blackout of 2003.

At the time, I was a new college graduate, trying to make my way in  the world and find a job in the process. I was in the car with my family when the lights that controlled the traffic went dark. Driving home was pure chaos. Car accident were on nearly every block and glass from the headlights littered the streets. It was a little under two years after 9/11 and many wondered if the loss of electricity was due to another terrorist attack. Fortunately, it was not due to a terror attack. Unfortunately, the power grid went down, affecting most of the Northeastern United States and parts of Canada.

The only store that was open was the local pizza parlor, because they ran on gas and not electricity. Neighbors got together to eat outside, pooling their food to prevent it from going bad. It was almost like in the darkness, people came together to survive those few days,

In the end, the electricity returned and life went back to normal. I got my first job and moved on since those memorable days. But I will never forget the 2003 blackout.



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