Thoughts on Rashida Tlaib’s “Dual Loyalty” Comments

Yesterday, Freshman Representative Rashida Tlaib (D-Michigan) received wide-spread condemnation about her dual loyalty comment in regards to the supporters of Israel in Congress.

While it is about time that the members of Congress accurately represent the multi-cultural country that America is, I disagree with Representative Tlaib with every fiber of my being.

This accusation (from my perspective) is far too similar to the Blood Libels of the past, accusing Jews of not being entirely loyal to the nations that they call home.

The fact is that time and again over the past 71 years, Israel has come to the table, ready, willing and able to make peace with their neighbors. The response at best is a slap in the face and at worst is outrageous demands that will never allow real peace to come to fruition.

The result of this denial of peace is generations of hate, needless slaughter and destruction that could have been prevented a long time ago. Not that the Israeli government is perfect, by any stretch of the imagination, but peace cannot and will never happen if one side continually advocates hate, murder and destruction of their neighbor.


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