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Throwback Thursday-Beat Bobby Flay (2013-Present)

There is nothing like a challenge, especially when one goes up against a master in your field.

Beat Bobby Flay premiered on the Food Network in 2013. The purpose of each episode is for one of the contestants to beat celebrity chef Bobby Flay in a cooking contest. The structure of the game is as follows: Two professional chefs create a meal based around a single ingredient of Bobby’s choice. The winner is chosen by two of Bobby’s celebrity friends who would like nothing more than to see him lose. The winner of the first round then takes on Bobby using a dish of their choice. This dish is judged by three additional professional chefs/restaurateurs. Can Bobby Flay be beaten or will he win to fight another day?

Beat Bobby Flay is interesting because there is nothing like going up against a master to teach you. It’s also a little bit of a nail biter to make a guess as if Bobby Flay will live up to the title of his program.

I recommend it.

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