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Thoughts On Last Night’s Presidential Speech

Since the advent of the public airwaves, every President has used the medium of radio and/or television to communicate with the nation.

A certain person is no different.

Last night, he briefly spoke to the nation emphasizing the need for the wall. I would have hoped that he would have tried a different tactic, but it was the same bullsh*t he has been shoveling at us for weeks: immigrants (especially brown and black-skinned immigrants) are a danger to this country and the Democrats are to blame.

There was no recognition of his part in this matter, no willingness to compromise. Just my way or the highway. How much longer will he hold this nation hostage over a wall that is a waste of American (not Mexican) tax dollars and does nothing to resolve the issues with the immigration system? The Democrats are willing to do their part, why he can’t he?

The problem is that he is pandering to his base instead of speaking to the whole country. And instead of relying on facts, he is relying on lies and half-truths. Unfortunately, we have become accustomed to his pandering and his half-truths over the past two years.

Pandering to your base and telling half-truths does not a President make. Unfortunately he does not understand that and probably never will.

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C Is For Compromise, Not That He Would Understand The Concept

If compromise is not the spice of life, it allows all of us to keep going, especially when we do not see eye to eye with another person.

The problem is that a certain person does not understand the concept of compromise.

The government shutdown due to the disagreement over the border wall continues into its 4th day. Hundreds of thousands of government workers are working without pay or on furlough. At this point in time, it is still up in the air as to when the shutdown will be over.

From my perspective, the Democrats have done everything they can to work with you know who and the Republicans. But he does not want to compromise. There is a way to keep our borders safe without wasting billions of American tax dollars (not Mexican tax dollars) on a border wall, but he doesn’t care.

Any seasoned politician will tell you that we, the voters of this country, have a long memory. That memory extends to elections. The stock market is on a free fall, people’s jobs/financial futures are on the line and another Guatemalan child has died in the custody of the government.

When it comes to government, compromise will always get you somewhere. The only place arrogance and thinking that you know it all will get you is losing an election. But he has not figured that out yet and probably never will.

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Tell Me Again Why We Are Wasting Billions Of Dollars On A Border Wall?

While on the campaign trail, candidates often make promises about what they will do when they get into office. Many of these promises fall by the wayside once the election is over and winner of the election starts his or her job in the position that they were elected into.

You know who is threatening a government shutdown if he does not get the $5.7 billion dollars that he says is needed to build the border wall he promised during the election.  While the House Of Representatives approved the funding, the Senate is expected to deny the funding.

As usual, he says one thing that suits him at the time. Then he turns around and says something else. First he said during the meeting with Senators Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer that he would take the blame for the shutdown if he didn’t get funding for the wall. Now he says that he will blame the Democrats for the shutdown.

From my perspective, this is a colossal waste of money. There is so much we can do with $5.7 billion dollars. There are roads and school buildings that need to be kept up. We can use that money to keep Medicaid going and to ensure that there is money to fund SNAP.  Or even, provide the funds needed to repair the buildings under the NYCHA system.

On a another note, the environmental damage to the area that they are proposing to build the wall on could be catastrophic.

So tell me again, why we are wasting billions of dollars on a border wall?

P.S. If someone wants to use their own money to donate to the building and upkeep of the wall, that is their choice. But do not use my tax dollars to do so.

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