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It Is Possible

Today is the second anniversary of the Boston Marathon bombing.

Two years ago Rebekah Gregory was running in the marathon.  She was one of several survivors who lost a limb.

Today, she ran the marathon and was able to reach the finish line.

I admire her courage. Some people in her circumstances would have given up, spending the rest of their days in wheelchair and cursing fate.

But Ms. Gregory had the strength to face her past and not let it keep her from moving forward with her life.

We all have challenges in life, whether they be internal or external.  The question is how do we face those challenges. Do we bury ourselves emotionally and let the pain control us or do we take those steps to remove ourselves from what cannot be undone?

This is a question I’ve been asking myself lately, especially in light of the roller coaster that is my career.  The truth is that it is possible, if we only have the heart, the courage and the strength to move forward.


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