Portrait of a Lady on Fire Movie Review

When it comes to art, it is more than the materials that the artist used to create it. It tells as much about the artist as it does the subject.

Portrait of a Lady on Fire was released in the US this weekend. In 1760, Marianne (Noémie Merlant) is a painter whose newest commission is to paint a young woman who lives on the island of Brittany. Her subject is Heloise (Adèle Haenel), whose marriage is pending on whether or not her fiance will like her portrait. Heloise refused to sit for the previous painter, leaving their work unfinished.

Marianne pretends to be a companion for Heloise so she can complete the portrait. As the women bond, they become friends and then something more. But the reality is that while they are becoming closer, they both know that the end date of their relationship is coming.

To the naked eye, this film appears to be an LGBTQ period drama with the standard narrative and character hallmarks. But it is more than that. The film shows a world in which men are in the background and true equality exists between women. It also reminds the audience of the severe limitations on women during the period in a way that does not hit the audience over the head.

I absolutely recommend it.


On Her Terms

Brittany Maynard’s fate is not one that I would wish on anyone. She has a malignant brain tumor that will slowly and painfully kill her.

While others would rely on modern medicine as they slowly become a vegetable and become confined to a hospital bed, Brittany has decided to end her life on her terms.

There are some who have condemned her decision. They believe that she should wait until G-d decides it is time. While I respect their right to voice their opinion, I disagree with them.

What Brittany has chosen to do is not suicide. Suicide is done at a moment of extreme emotion and desperation. Knowing what is facing her and her family, she had chosen to live and die on her terms.

We should all be so lucky to live and die in the same way.

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