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Words Can Hurt And Bullying Can Kill

Bullying in school has been around since the invention of school. Countless children over the generations have suffered at the hands of their classmates.

These days, in school bullying has been taken to another level by social media.

Last summer, Mallory Grossman was in sixth grade at Copeland Middle School in Rockaway, New Jersey. She took her own life after dealing with the persistent bullying she received from her classmates, both in school and online.

According to media reports, one of the accused bullies asked the young girl the following: “when are you going to kill yourself?”.

Some might argue that social media plays a role in the bullying that led to the girl’s decision to commit suicide. While I can certainly understand where that argument is coming from, social media is not entirely to blame.

If the bullying happened on school property and nothing was done by the staff to stop the bullying, the school is culpable. The blame is also on the parents of the bullies. Their children are responsible for this girl’s death and should be punished appropriately.

Two decades ago, I too was bullied in school. Thankfully, social media as we know it be today did not exist back then. Though it’s been years since my own experience of school days bullying, the scars still remain.

May Mallory’s memory be a blessing to those who knew and loved her. Wherever she is, the bullies cannot hurt her anymore.


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Words Hurt-Thoughts On The Keaton Jones Video

Words have power, more than we think we do.

Keaton Jones is a young man from Tennessee. His mother recently posted a video of her son crying over the bullying he received at school.

My heart breaks for this kid. Yes, kids can be cruel, but childhood bullying can leave scars long after we have left school.

Many adults may look at bullying as a mere rite of childhood. The truth is that is bullying hurts, more than some of us are willing to admit while we are being bullied. Bullying can lead to depression, lower self esteem,  decreased academic achievement and worst of all, suicide.

I can only hope that justice is done for this young man and the bullies receive what they deserve. Hope is the key word here.

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An Unnecessary Loss

Daniel Fitzpatrick of Staten Island was a sweet, loving, sensitive child.

Instead starting the new school year in a few weeks with the rest of his classmates, young Mr. Fitzpatrick will be found at the cemetery.

This boy is dead. The reason that he is dead is that he was bullied. The only solace he could find from the bullies is death.

The statistics are scary. Upon seeing their peers bullied, 85% of children will not stand up for their peers. Since the 80’s teenage suicide due to bullying has gone up 50%.

It’s easy to say that kids will be kids. Bullying is part of growing up. At some point, we get past the bullying that we experienced during childhood.

Pardon my French, but that is b*llsh*t. Bullying leaves emotional and physical scars that, even decades afterwards, still remain un-healed.

Not only should the school be held liable, but the parents of the children who bullied Daniel should be held liable. It is the job of the parents to teach their children to treat their peers with respect, even if their peers are different. These parents did not do their job.

I speak passionately about this issue because I was in Daniel’s shoes at that age. I could have killed myself, but I did not. The scars of that bullying still live with me, even 20+ years later.

While we cannot stop bullying in the school at a cultural level, we can stop at the individual level. When a child is bullied, especially when he or she takes their life, the parents of the bullies should be held accountable. They need to understand that their child was directly responsible for the unnecessary loss of their classmate.

Then perhaps, we can stop it at a larger cultural level.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

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