Everyone Gets Sick, Even Pink

Sometimes, it’s easy to forget the celebrities are human beings first and foremost. They may not have the lives, careers or incomes of the average person, but they are human beings, like the rest of us.

Last week, Pink had to postpone her concert in Sydney, Australia due to an illness. The paparazzi claimed that she was relaxing when she was supposed to be performing.

Anyone who has ever seen a Pink concert will tell you that this woman does not just simply stand in front of a microphone and sing for two hours.  Not only does she sing and dance during her shows, but she does aerial stunts that would put a circus performer to shame.

We all get sick and have to take off from work or school to rest when we do get sick. Unfortunately, most of us are not world-famous performers who have headlined sold out concerts across the globe. I’ve been a fan since Can’t Take Me Home was released back in 2000 and i’ve seen her in concert multiple times. She gives her audience 150% every moment that she is on stage. To imply that Pink is bilking her Australian fans by feigning illness so she can chill on the beach is more than wrong. It is disgusting and deceptive.

May she have a speedy recovery so that she can do what she does best; perform for her Australian fans who love and her support her as much as her American fans do.





P!nk Concert Review

There is something to be said about an artist who is still going strong as performer, nearly two decades after their first album was released.

I have been a fan of P!nk since her first album, Can’t Take Me Home, hit in 2000. Last night, I saw her perform at Madison Square Garden for her Beautiful Trauma Tour.

Combining songs from her new album, Beautiful Trauma, with songs from her previous albums, she soared above the crowed, both vocally and physically. One of my favorite qualities about P!nk is that she can jump from being a sarcastic badass to being vulnerable and emotionally open in the blink of an eye.  She sung to the audience and we loved every minute of it.

I recommend it.

P!nk will be playing tonight at Madison Square Garden. Check the website for ticket availability and showtimes. 

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