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How to Deal With Racism in America: Christian Cooper vs. George Floyd

America is built on the ideals of freedom. But this ideal has a flaw. The flaw is called racism.

Like many problems, racism can only be solved we are able to look it in the eyes and admit that it is an issue. But after 400 years of built in prejudice against Americans of color, this problem may not be so simple to resolve.

On Monday, bird enthusiast Christian Cooper was walking through Central Park. He noticed that Amy Cooper had let her dog off the leash an in area in which dogs are required to remain on leash. Christian is African-American, Amy is Caucasian. Her response to his reminder of keeping her dog on the leash was to call the police.

After millions of views online, the video reached the eyes and ears of Amy’s bosses. She is no longer employed and she is known as a racist. Good luck to her on finding another job.

Also on Monday, in Minneapolis, George Floyd was arrested by police, accused of forgery. Instead of just taking him to the precinct and letting the justice system do it’s job, one of the officers put his knee on Floyd’s neck. After several minutes of complaining that he could not breath, Floyd took his last breath. The officers were fired for their actions. But firing is not enough. The officer who held Floyd down should be tried for murder.

The difference (as I see it) is how both cases were handled. Amy Cooper got what was coming to her. The officer who killed George Floyd has yet to receive what is coming to him.

May the memory of George Floyd be a blessing to those who knew and loved him. RIP.


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Please Vote For My Picture

My picture of Belvedere Castle in Central Park was nominated for the Weather Channel Its Amazing Photo Contest.


Please vote for my photo.

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My Own Backyard

In the day to day, that is life, I think we sometimes forget what we have.

Living in New York City, it’s easy to forget the wonders this city still offers, even to it’s natives.

Today, I had the opportunity to walk through Central Park.

Central Park 1

This was taken from the top of Belvedere Castle. The view was amazing.


Central Park 2

If I didn’t know that I was in the middle of Central Park, I might think that I was on an aristocratic estate in England.

Central Park 3

In the middle of the busiest and one of the most crowded cities in the world, this waterfall exists.

I love this town.



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