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RIP Charmain Carr

Yesterday, we lost Charmain Carr.

Best remembered for playing Liesl Von Trapp in the classic and beloved film, The Sound Of Music, Ms. Carr was 73.

Liesl starts off the film like many a teenage girl: a rebellious brat who defies her father’s rules to spend the evening with a young man. As the film moves on and the world changes, it is apparent that she is her father’s daughter: smart, a little too headstrong for her own good and extremely loyal to whose who she loves.

Thought she left the film business in the late 1960’s after only making one film post The Sound Of Music, she will always be remembered for that role.

In the early 2000’s Ms. Carr produced two books based on her experience in making the film: Forever Liesl and Letters to Liesl. I believe I read one of them, wrote her a letter and received a very sweet response.

Sound Of Music is one of those films. No matter who you are or where you are from, there is something that is universal about this story. There is a character and a narrative for any audience member to relate to.

In remembrance of Ms. Carr I give you the last reunion of the cast and the scene that she will always be remembered by.

RIP Charmain Carr.

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