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The Secret World of Delia and Mingli Book Review

Learning to conquer our fears is never easy. It requires guts, confidence, and the innate knowledge that we are on the right path.

In the new children’s book, The Secret World of Delia and Mingliby Harley West, seven-year-old Delia’s newest toy is a stuffed elephant named Mingli. Plagued by bad dreams, she is unable to sleep. Opening her eyes, Delia discovers that Mingli has come to life. He tells her that the only way to make the nightmares disappear is to go to the land of Imagine Nation and receive a crown from King Jesper and Queen Freya. Only then will she be able to have a good night’s sleep. On the journey to meet the King and Queen, they will encounter creatures they never expected and learn about friendship, courage, and looking beyond first impressions.

This book is utterly adorable. Delia is a relatable little girl that I am sure will resonate well with young readers. The imagery and language are absolutely perfect for the world that exists within the book. it’s the kind of book that I wish I had read at that age. What struck me as an adult is that though the message is targeted toward children, the lesson is timeless and ageless.

Do I recommend it? Absolutely.

This review was initially written for Discovery. The original review can be read here.

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Guardian Princesses

The princess genre has been defined by Disney for generations. There is nothing wrong with Disney, but that doesn’t mean there is room for another group of princesses.

Guardian Princesses is a new series of children’s books. They tell the stories of a diverse group of princesses whose focus goes well beyond beautiful dresses and charming princes.

The aim of these novels is to teach diversity, gender inclusiveness and independence to their audience.

If I had young daughters, these books would be first on my list to buy.

The only thing they are missing is a ginger princess ;).

Happy Friday!

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