Arresting the Churro Lady Was Unnecessary

We all have to earn a legit living. But not everyone, for any number of reasons, can or will earn their living by sitting behind a desk.

Last Friday, New York City police arrested a woman for selling churros in a Brooklyn train station. Her name is Elsa, but the press has labelled her the “churro lady“.

I understand the reason for the arrest. She is an unlicensed vendor. I also understand that this is not the first time she was asked to leave the station. However, I don’t agree with the decision of the police officers. She is just trying to earn an honest day’s pay.

With all of the problems with the MTA, this woman is the least of those problems. The police and the MTA should be worrying about fare evasion and people who think that the subway is their sexual playground.

It’s no wonder that the MTA is messed up.

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