Flashback Friday-Cinderella Man (2005)

Let’s be blunt. Life is hard. Sometimes we get knocked down. The question, is, when we are down, do we stay down or fight to get back on our feet?

In Cinderella Man (2005), Jim Braddock (Russell Crowe), is a boxer knocked down in a one two punch by life. First by injuries and then by The Great Depression. Unable to box for a living, he was forced to go on public relief and like many, fight for what little jobs there were to be had. Then he gets one last chance in the ring. There are many who doubt that this aging, injured boxer can return to his former glory days. But something inside of him keeps pushing him on. Can Jim win this one last battle or is he down for the count?

This movie is really quite excellent. The acting, the story telling and the visuals are spot on. It is also a reminder that despite the crap that life sometimes hands us, we can still get back on our feet.

I absolutely recommend it.

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