Flashback Friday-Clarissa (1991)

Fate is a funny thing. Fate may lead us to great financial fortune, but in the end, it does us no good.

In 1991, Samuel Richardson’s 18th century novel Clarissa was taken from the page to the television screen.

The heroine, Clarissa Harlowe (Saskia Wickham) is a young women who has just been named as her late grandfather’s heir. Her family sees Clarissa’s new fortune as their path to moving up in the world. The first man they try to convince her to marry is Robert Lovelace (Sean Bean), who will inherit an earldom one day. But when that falls through, they convince her to agree to marry Roger Solmes (Julian Firth), a man who is repulsive in every which way possible. Caught between a rock and a hard place, Clarissa runs away with Lovelace, not knowing the consequences of her actions.

Watching Clarissa’s story unfold, I am reminded to be grateful that I live in an era when marriage is not only option. While Lovelace maybe a man of his era, there have been men like before 1748 and there are men like are after 1748. ¬†While it does show its age being nearly 25 years old, the miniseries still holds up an after several centuries, the book is still a good read.

I recommend it.

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