Cozy Classics Review

Ask any parent and they will tell you that their child’s education is paramount to their future success. Education does not begin when the child enters the classroom for the first time, it begins from the moment they are born.

Education begins with words and reading.

Books for the 0-2 age set are very simple. They are colors, numbers and shapes. Physically speaking, they are often board books.

Authors and twin brothers Jack and Holman Wang have taken a revolutionary approach to these board books. Simplifying recognized classics (Emma, Pride and Prejudice, Jane Eyre, Tom Sawyer, etc), they have created Cozy Classics, board books that shrink the plots of these classic novels into 12 word board books that are child friendly.

Recently the brothers have added Star Wars to their line of books.

Utilizing needle felt characters and natural photography, the images have a 3D quality that seem more real than the traditional art used in other children’s books of this genre.

These books are absolutely charming. Whether the books are for your own children or for another’s children, they are the perfect way to introduce young minds to not just basic vocabulary and concepts, but also to the classics.

I recommend them.

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