Throwback Thursday: Cutthroat Kitchen (2013-2017)

Cooking compeition shows have become a staple of Food Network‘s schedule. The problem is that after watching several variations on this theme, the programs start to blend together. It takes a unique premise to make one show stand out from another.

Cutthroat Kitchen aired from 2013-2017. Hosted by Alton Brown, four chefs face each other in three rounds. Each contestant is given $25,0000 and the opportunity to purchase opportunities to sabotage one another along the way. The winner takes home the money that is still in the bank at the end the of game, in addition to the title of champion.

What I like about this program is how deliciously sadistic Brown is. The challenges require the chefs to think outside the box and perhaps be a little more vicious than they would be when they are not in front of the camera.

Do I recommend it? Yes.

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